Tuesday, 30 October 2012

#196; Sponsored Advertorial - Cute Little Strawberries Re-Opening

Remember my advertorial for Cute Little Strawberries? If not, you can take a look at it here!
Cute Little Strawberries have been advertised by famous blogger such as QiuQiu, Rachell (PxdKitty) and many more!
For a period of time, the owner of Cute Little Strawberries was busy sourcing for new items and revamping their new website. Now they are back, bigger and better! :D With new additions to their existing catalogs, you would be spoilt for choice~ Their new domain and layout is so pretty and easy to navigate!

Here are the 5 neck candy that Cute Little Strawberries has mailed to me! I really love all of them. Seriously. When I first received them in my letter box, I was squealing in joy. Ripped open the envelope and pour out all the goodies! And then I started thinking which necklace to wear on what occasion! 

A closer look at my new love. Two collar type necklaces and one long triangle necklace.

Okay, I think they know me very well! I love necklaces! And I especially love black and gold stuff because they add that tinge of elegance to your whole look. 

I love this black and gold tribal collar necklace! Because its so simple yet classy! It goes well with just a singlet or a plain tank top. In fact, it goes well with anything! I wore this out while shopping with my mum the other day and she said that it was pretty.

Love leopard prints? No worries cause they do have leopard print collar necklace too!
And I look so chubby here .____.

I honestly love this one a lot. Because of its colour - Black and Gold and because it goes well with practically everything! :D Especially peachy coloured tops!
My mum was so shocked when I told her that this necklace only costed $6 @ CLS and now, she is so tempted to shop with me. Boyffie Chubby Cheeks said this was pretty too! ^~^

And this orange and gold necklace goes well with a bustier top or a plain white tee!

And I didn't get to wear this for any photos :< 
But its a pretty piece on a long chain, which is perfect on a white/sheer coral coloured top.

 I feel as if this post has so many of my chubby face :/
So here is a picture of their name card/calendar with the Special sales date! I won't disclose any of the special dates to you guys because you have to be an existing customer~ I honestly can't wait for the secret sales! Feel like a special agent now that I know when are the days, I can chiong to their web and buy all the things! :D
PSST, The items in secret sales are all instocks! ;>

Thanks to Cute Little Strawberries, now before I head out of my home, I would always spend ages trying to mix and match different necklaces to my outfit of the day. I wished I had 5 necks so I can wear them all :@

The above necklaces are only available during the flea! Which means this are close to limited edition~ 
So do head down to their flea as they are selling instocks @ 1 for $6 and 2 for $10.

Cute Little Strawberries have more bling bling for your finger, wrists and neck! The banners above are just some example of what they have! It isn't even 1/12 of what they have!
Their pricing is also one of the most affordable ones that I have seen online and anywhere else. Priced at $2.50-$8 (majority of which are average $4!?) , what's not to love about shopping there?

Worried about the quality? Well, worry no more. The necklaces are really sturdy because I am a "chor lor" person and these didn't break on me! Happeh!

For even more offer, why not visit their flea booth at *Scape? I might head down there to grab a few more loves!

Don't wait okay? Go shop at Cute Little Strawberries.
Show your support and get some sneak peaks of what is in store at their Facebook Page.
Got a twitter? Why not follow them, @CLStrawberries? :D

Christmas season is around the corner, buy some accessories for your friend, sister or even yourself! With so much to choose from, you won't ever have to worry about not having any accessories to pair your outfit!

Enjoy your shopping spree love and much loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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