Monday, 5 November 2012

#197; Hauls for November!

I am back with a new haul post and it has been the longest time since my last post. I haven't been feeling in a blogging mood because of a massive bout of headache. So, now that I am alright, I am back with more new posts! I thought I kick start the November with a haul post. So, here goes! (I actually wanted to post this on Sunday, but one of my parcel was due to come on Monday. Ahhh...)

This time round, I hauled a total of 24 items! And I didn't know what came into me, but I was suddenly so desperate for new makeup. Which really explains this photo. I will now group them into two specific groups, mainly the Japanese makeup and the American brand make up!

Dolly Wink Limited Brown Liquid Eyeliner! 
Gotten it at Watsons for $21.90. Although it was much more pricier than K-Palette 24Hour tattoo, I just couldn't resist the pretty sky-blue packaging. The tester that they provided prove that this pretty here, is an intense dark brown, which I honestly adore!

Melliesh Blusher in 01 - Gotten it at $15! What a steal right? 
This was because the seller swatched it once and didn't use it again and she was trying to clear her stocks! :D I actually wanted 02 and 03 but it was sold out. I was debating between this and Kumicky Cosmagic but decided against the later cause it was sparkly... And I do not like sparkly blushers.

Melliesh Eyelash in 03! Also gotten it at $15 from the same seller and it is BRAND NEW! 
Chose this because I had Melliesh Eyelash in 02 - Cat and I thought it was really natural! So I decided to try this out (becoming a sucker for natural looking stuff!).

And that's all for my Japanese Makeup Hauls! I really do adore Melliesh packaging. So classy!

And here is a summary of my American brand makeup (or at least I think that all of them are American brand).

Ardell Black Wispies lashes! Gotten it at Gmarket for $6.80 and the delivery time was only 2 working days! 
I really like these! Saw a review on them on some girl's blog and was tempted to get them.
If you do not wish to wait, you may purchase them from Watsons for $9+?

NYX Color Lip Balm (Thank you) bought at Gmarket for $6.40. 
This was an impulse buy because I was just browsing through the catalogue and this caught my attention.
And now, this is the proudest hauls that I own! Mainly because this is like a lipstick, lipgloss plus lip balm all wrapped into one tiny stick! Getting a few more shades for myself. And yes, this shade is called "Thank you".

NYX Felt Tip Liner, bought at Smoochiezz Spree at FEP for $12.
I tried the extreme black one prior to this purchase and it wasn't all that lasting. But then again, I was looking for something that I could wear everyday and not hurt my pocket. So this about, filled the bill. I will do a review about this soon ^^

I gotten this at Taobao! Forgotten the price though :/
But this is a sort of "nail tattoo" and somehow reminds me of SHA nail stickers. I am going to try this out pretty soon and pictures will be up on my Twitter/Insta/FB page! 
Definitely a much cheaper alternative than the SHA nail stickers~

Two new addition to my extensive collection of Rilakkuma Plushies!

Not sure if Sailor plushie here, is a fake. I got this off Taobao for about $7? And it is much more adorable in real life. He is a key chain~ So, I can attach him to my tote/bagpack and carry him around!

Splurge of the month, would have to be this cutie here! San-X Limited Edition Rilakkuma 2012 Halloween.
I got him at A&BC for $33! A definite splurge, but I didn't regret because... it is too cute for words. I can't even.... And it is pretty small but still a nice size to carry around! 

And here is the whole collection of the Rila 2012 Halloween collection (found it in a fellow Rila lover's blog...I am so jelly of her collection...)
I am so tempted to get Korila because she is wearing this pink overall and looking so darn adorable!

Also from A&BC, got this at $10.
It was a sure win lucky dip and I gotten this vanity set. The cups were so darn adorable but I didn't win them. Ahhh well, not fated?

Bath time series Rila would have to be my favourite! Because they are all in shower caps and looking so darn adorable! I am now debating whether to get the plushies.

What is in the vanity set. I think this is a wonderful set to carry around when you're travelling! Especially love the comb and the mirror. 

Deco tapes from Takashimaya A&BC counters for $1.95 each.
I love decorating plain notebooks with random bouts of Rila tapes ^~^

La Riche Directions Hair dye in Poppy Red and Vermilion Red.
This was won from a giveaway! I actually chose Pastel Pink and Vermilion Red, but pastel pink was out of stock. I actually like the Poppy red more than the vermilion red.... Oh well!
My first time winning a giveaway, so I am pretty darn happy!

And I hereby conclude my haul post with a random shot of me!
Necklace from Cute Little Strawberries (exclusive only at their flea on 18Nov!)
Do join their preorder okay? Lots of nice accessories!

Just remembered that I also hauled two sets of Poppin Cookin - Curry Set and Bento set to play with my Chubby one when he books out! Also, I gotten a new top from Forever21... Which costed me a bomb. I could buy a Halloween Korila with that cash.... Ahh.

I will update my blog more frequently so do stay tuned! Also do follow me on Twitter/Instagram, @amandamisaki ~

Until next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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