Sunday, 11 November 2012

#198; NYX Felt-tip Eyeliner in Brown

Hey sweeties!
I am back with a new post and I really do regret the long wait between posts. I wanted to this during Wednesday but there was a last minute project that required my attention. And so, this post was only up today.

Today's review will be on the NYX Felt-tip Eyeliner in Brown from my haul post. My usual go-to eyeliner would have to be the Maybelline HyperSharp liner because I can get it from Watsons or Guardian. This time round, I decided to purchase the NYX Felt-tip Eyeliner in brown because Smoochiezz had a spree in FEP. Furthermore, this was much cheaper than my usual liner.

This would be my 4th brown liner in my makeup stash and I will do a comparison between all four when I am done with all the respective reviews. So here goes!

Here is how it looks like. Notice the tiny heart on the liner? Yep, that was what drawn me to purchase this. Previously, I purchased this similar liner but it was in black. There wasn't anything much to say about the black ones. However, they dried out pretty fast (lasted me one month).

I like how brown this is. It isn't as harsh as black liner and therefore, very natural. I suppose this is similar to the K-Palette 24Hour tattoo eyeliner in brown in terms of the colour.

The waterproof test:

This is definitely not waterproof! Therefore, I don't think this is appropriate for the humid weather that Singapore has. However, now that the weather is turning cold, this might work out. Since it isn't waterproof, girls who are on a budget and can't invest in a good eye make up remover can get this.

If you are worried about it smudging like mad crazy, here is what you can do. If water or sweat were to land on your beautiful eyeliner. Just take a tissue and dap the water away. The liner will not smudge as fast.

The smudgeproof test:

Surprisingly, this didn't smudge a lot! I had to apply a lot of pressure in order to smudge it in the second picture and I don't think anyone would apply that much pressure to their precious eyelids.

How it looks like on my eye. Pardon the unruly line. LOL. 
Really like how it looks on me and Chubby one told me that it looks so natural. 

Overall, I would rate this a 6/10.
Reason: They are economical and value for money, if you are looking for a smudge proof liner. However, the waterproof factor really puts me off. I love how natural this look. The tip (which looks like a felt-tip marker) was also fine enough to draw a thin/thick eyeline, depending on your preference. I didn't like how this felt on my eye somehow. The tip was a little sharp and too stiff, unlike other liners. But maybe, that's just me.

Eye Makeup of the day:
- NYX Felt-tip eyeliner in brown
- Melliesh eyelashes in #03
- Luxury lenses (Puffy 3-tone brown)

And that's all for now! I will be back later today with a new post and I promise I will update more often! 
So do stay tuned and do check back to this space! <3

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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