Tuesday, 13 November 2012

#199; Poppin Cookin Madness

I am sure you guys have heard of Poppin Cookin. In fact, I did some review for some of the product that Poppin Cookin has produced. You might like to check it out by using the searching for the post with the labels "Poppin cookin".  

The Chubby one just started getting into the craze of having to DIY your very own gummies. So, on impulse, I bought: Poppin Cookin Ramen set, curry set and bento set. I also have a Peach Nerunerunerune from a very-long-ago haul. 

Today, I will be doing a brief review on all the 3 poppin cookin listed above. I did them all in a day since there was nothing much to do and the Chubby one was over at my house. All the products are bought with my own money, so my reviews are reliable although there may be some disparities due to differences in taste preference. These Japanese DIY gummies can be bought here at $10 (inclusive of normal postage, meet-ups will be cheaper).

First up, we did Poppin Cookin Bento set! This was one of the older Poppin Cookin series, although they revamped it and put in the chicken karage. The box it was in is a little squashed during delivery despite the generous bubble wrap that the seller used. 

Unboxing it was a joy! And inside the package, was all the tools you need to make yourself some gummies! Look at all the satchels with powder that miraculously turns into gummies with a little water! The best part is, the wrapper of the package, is supposed to be a "bento box" to place your newly made "bento" gummies. 

And after all our effort, here is the result of our bento! Aren't they adorable? 
All the instructions are behind the box and it was in Japanese. The instructions was a little easy to follow although sometimes, we referred to tutorials that were in YouTube for reference and clarification. I didn't know why the squid, broccoli and tamago gummies look so watery! I put in the right amount of water for all three! D;

Taste review:
Honestly didn't really expect much because I did my research and a lot of people said that this didn't taste good. My favorite from this lot would have to be the panda rice ball and the onigiri! The black part was made of grape powder that was tangy and sour. I think the gummies would have been really good if it wasn't so watery. The noodle/pasta thing at the upper left-hand corner looks disgusting and maybe, that's why I thought it was horrible.

Among all the bento items, I thought the most realistic looking item would have to be the Chicken Karage. It looks fried and crispy! Forgotten the taste but I remember telling Chubby that they tasted weird.

Next up, Chubby and I did the ramen set!
The ramen set was in a plastic packaging and not in a box. This was pretty straightforward because there was only a few steps to follow.

As always, they have this plastic tray to make your "ingredients" and notice the round "bowl"?
That is where your noodles will go into! 
Added the brown packet (seasoning for the soup) into the bowl and then made the noodles (yellow packet).

Here is the finished product! The gummy gyoza was really really hard to make! Because the gummy was very sticky and I couldn't perfect the round circle that was the starting base of my gyoza. So, I gave up and just wrapped them up any which how.

Taste Review;
Gyoza was too sweet for me! The gyoza "skin" was made from ramune (Japanese Soda) candy gummy and the sprinkles were just sugary. So it tasted like sugar wrap sugar. I read many reviews saying that the ramen noodles and soup were really good and realistic to the actual thing, so I had high expectations! Boy, was I surprised.

The ramen noodles tasted exactly like thin noodle! I thought they were gummies! The soup was a salty x chicken flavor and tasted so good when accompanied with the noodles. Whoever invented these, are geniuses. 

This is the highly-anticipated Curry Set! This was one of the newer set and I gotten it, because there were reviews claiming this tasted good and almost close to the real deal. Same as the ramen, it comes packaged in  a thin plastic packaging.

Like the ramen, the circle and long rectangle part is the "place-mat" for your curry and potato croquet.
I like how the steps were easy to follow and honestly speaking... "Idiot-proof". 

And our end product! Curry x rice with potato croquet at the side!
We tried to make heart shapes with the "potato", but it was dry and hard to shape. Mine was the pretty discernible heart-shaped potato in front! Chubby did the one at the back. 

Taste Review:
The curry really did taste like curry! It wasn't that spicy and really tasted good. There were tiny bits of crunchy "carrots" and "peas" in it. The rice..tasted the worse. It tasted like real rice, but there was a plastic taste to it :/ The potato croquet tasted the best to me! Like fried sweet potato dipped in crunchy bread crumbs! :D

And after finishing up all our "food", we cleared up and waited for our real dinner! I had so much fun with my boyfriend and it really did help us bond. Definitely recommended for girls who love cute tiny DIY stuff! 
That's all for now! DO leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried any of the Poppin Cookin listed above :D 

Much Loves and kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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