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#200; WCWT - Jurong Bird Park

Since this is my 200th post, I shall do a special WCWT (Where Chubbys went today) post. Me and the Chubby one always have spontaneous meetings at a place of attraction. This time round, I wanted to go to the Jurong Bird Park. And so, we went on a Monday.

Left my home early and reach Lot 1 around 12 noon. Sigh, it has been so long since le me has gone to the Bird Park and I thought that the Bird Park was next to the Zoo :/ . We took the bus 194 from Boon Lay Bus interchange and arrive in a few stops.

And we walked through tons of pretty pretty flowers! I felt like a princess, like as if all the flowers were for me. LOL. And I thought these two were the prettiest! There were so many other types of orchids throughout the walk to the ticketing counter.

And how could I have missed out the Jurong Bird Park sign!

And since the next day (Tuesday) was Deepavali, Jurong Bird Park prepared a pretty flower arrangement! I love how the Peacock's tail is a myriad of purple flowers.

On the ceiling of the ticketing booths, I spotted this absolutely adorable mural. The stained glass that depicts many pretty birds are just....adorable and elegant. 

We were trying to decide if we wanted the tickets that came with the tram rides, or chance it by foot (we did that for the spontaneous zoo trip). We ended up getting the tickets with tram rides because we wanted to catch a movie after the trip and didn't want to smell like something died.
And above, is my ticket of a mandarin duck! And the map had this most adorable pair of love birds. Love birds and mandarin ducks are symbols of love. Quite compatible for me and Chubby!

First stop was the Penguins! These puffins reminds me of the evil one from Penguin Of Madagascar. And the tough guy in the middle keeps flapping around. Me and Chubby were just standing there, wishing one of those puffins would fall into the water. It was quite frustrating to take nice peektures because the glass of the Penguins enclosure were so dirty... Jurong Bird Park, Y U NO clean them!

I wish I bothered reading the names of the different types of Penguin, so I would appear smart. The one directly above are King penguins (?). They just stood there like that. Staring at nothing in particular and just waiting for food. Or, randomly releasing a jet spray of white shit. Occasionally, one of the tinier ones (the ones above) will waddle into the water and start swimming. I like how their tiny little butt will vibrate when they swim around. (Penguin Butt Fetish).

This penguin wasn't in the exhibition but I took a photo of its information. The first time I saw this angry fella, I turned to Chubby Cheeks and told him "Look! It's Lovelace from Happeh feet!" :D
Apparently, it is aggressive..... meh.

More penguin butt! These were out in the warm weather. Apparently, they came from Africa... If I did remember correctly. 

Probably the only picture of parrots that I took. Because I felt that parrots were too mainstream. There was a section dedicated to parrots but Chubby and I didn't head there because we were too lazy to get off the tram and walk over. Plus, there were more interesting shows to watch. Too bad parrots!

Next to the tiny parrot enclosure was a pool full of Flamingo! Their colours reminds me of salmon.
And, they stink. More than the other birds. Chubby one got creeped out by their extremely flexible necks, twisting and bending around to peck at itchy spots on their neck or their feathers.

We headed to the owls' enclosure. This enclosure had many types of different owl. The one above is a Snow Owl. It was quite creepy to just search around in the dark enclosure for them. And some of the bigger owls had scary eyes that stare at you.......... PLUS! Their heads can rotate 360 degree, so just imagine them staring as you walk past their "homes".

The Boobook owl. Thought the name was cute so I snapped a photo of the signboard that introduce this cutie. Didn't manage to spot it though. I blame the dark interior of the whole exhibition plus the fact that owls are creepy. Penguins are the cutest. Nuff said.

But, one thing I don't get.... Why are 9gag owls so friggin cute! The owls in the zoo just look like grumpy uncles and aunties :/

After taking a tour of the Owls' enclosure, we gave up and took the tram to the next station. There were a total of three (?) tram stations around Jurong Bird Park and we arrive at the station that was next to a cafe x Lory Enclosure.

And these are lory! Cute af with pretty vibrant feathers. They were feeding and were so noisy! Some of them were squabbling over the food and while walking around the giant open-air enclosure, I was so afraid one of them would decide to take a shit on my hair :<

Highlight of the whole enclosure would have to be the bridge. It really creeps me out :< The first one was alright and the second one freak me out. But it isn't shaky, in fact, it is very stable.

One more picture of the Lory Bird before me and Chubby headed around to the lesser birds of paradise enclosures.

Forgot the name of this bird. But it haz scary eyes....
I like/hate how Jurong Bird park position their Tram station such that all the nice exhibition are halfway between each tram stations. Also, mainly why I didn't head to the Parrot paradise.

Emu! Looks like an ostrich.

Cassowary. This is considered a dinosaur bird. Because it has a long history. Apparently, it can't fly but can jump real high.
After walking through the different enclosure in the humid weather, we were tired and sticky and decided to enter this exhibition to learn more about birds. Plus, enjoy the cooling aircon.

The largest bird was a species of Ostrich! Taller than Chubby Cheeks! And he is already omfg tall.
Apparently, this bird is extinct :/

What can be found~ Feathers and many stuffed birds. There are also eggs and fun facts around the whole exhibition. 

How can I not miss going to the largest man-made waterfall! So pretty! This is located at the Third tram station! Took the tram back to the first station after seeing the waterfall.

At the very first tram station, I walked back to this Hatching centre that they have to see new born birdies! So friggin cute!

Look at the mama duck and her little ducklings! Regretted not taking more photos of the other baby birds. 
There were lots of Kindergarten kids on that day, field trip! After visiting the little birds, me and Chubby went to watch two shows (Kings of the skies and something else... me forgot.) Then headed to Jurong Point to take a very late lunch. 

Ahhh! Finally, I am done with this very lengthy post. Sorry for the photospam and the late updates! :<

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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