Sunday, 18 November 2012

#201; Advertorial - CLS Spree 24!

Have you heard? Cute Little Strawberries 24th Spree is opened!
This time round, they are back with more new additions to their ever expanding catalog of accessories. 
And what are they offering in this spree?

From bracelet, earrings, anklets to hair accessories, graphic tattoo and the ever popular tattoo stockings! :D
Here is a sneak peek of a fraction of the items up for preorder this time round!

Tempt you guys yet? If so, why not head to Cute Little Strawberries new site to shop! With the added shopping cart function, shopping and checking out your items is such a breeze! 
I no longer have to remember the product codes with the new shopping cart function. 
While you are shopping there, why not sign up for an account to get discounts and rebates! :D

From their hair accessories and necklace preorder, these caught my eye! Really so tempted to lay my hands on all these bling bling! I really love dolling myself up with Cute little strawberries' accessories! All so chio! They have the latest accessories up for preorder at a fraction of what livejournal shops/retail shops are selling at.

CLS recently opened three new categories!
Leggys, tattoo (graphic
) stockings and graphic temporary tattoo. Here are some of my favourites from the tattoo stocking collection~

I saw Vivi's model Lena Fuji, wearing something similar to this! :D Mad love!

Popteen model - Kumicky wore this minnie tattoo stocking! Mad cute kayz!

And isn't this the cutest tattoo stockings that you have ever seen? Priced at the most affordable price of $10 each for all designs, you can just go mad at the wide range that CLS can offer you.

Leggings at only $10! Pair them with a simple denim shorts and you are ready to go! And, what an extensive range of colours for you to choose from!

My picks from the graphic tattoo preorder~ Super cute and chio! Prices range from as low as $1-$4 :D
Definitely getting some for myself! Save the pain of really getting a tattoo and I can change designs as and when I like it!

Tired of long waiting time? Wait no longer! CLS managed to bring in neon mustache accessories to brighten up your day and your outfit. The above are preview of the instocks that CLS brought in and stocks are limited! So do lay your hands on one of those lovelies before they are gone.

Remember the goodies that CLS sponsored me the other time? Read it here if you haven't!
Well... did I mention that all the goodies are limited only to their flea, happening today?!
So, if you are heading down to town, why not head over to their booth to grab some pretty bling!

And they even have grab bags priced at $6 for a very reasonable of pretty accessories! *sigh*
Pity I couldn't head there :< but.... I will be shopping at their website for new "tattoos" and accessories! 
*evil laughter*

Come shop with me! And since Christmas is around the corner, why not preorder your Christmas loots/gifts for your close friends from Cute Little Strawberries? 

Must shop with them kayz?

Much loves xoxo,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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