Wednesday, 21 November 2012

#202; NYX Colour Lip Balm in Thank You

So, this week is the e-learning week. I miss those secondary school days, when e-learning meant two full days full of doing assignments and 5 other days full of fun. Now, 9 days are dedicated to e-learning tasks! Including 4 weekends!

Nevertheless, here is a new post about the NYX Colour Lip Balm that I hauled awhile back. I was scrolling through Qoo10 the other day, and I saw some NYX goodies up for sale. I wanted to haul a lipstick or a lipgloss, but saw this and decided to get it instead! :D

The packaging looks like any other lipbalm brands out there. It is small (Net weight of 4g) but that just means, you can carry it around easily. This caught my eye because, according to the catalog, this is a lipstick x lipgloss x lipbalm all wrapped into one!

This does not come in a "lipstick shape" and is just like your normal lipbalm. However, upon opening the cap, you would have notice the vibrant shade of red. I figured that, since this could double up as a lipstick, might as well get a more noticeable shade, right?

The first thing that you would have notice when you open the cap of the lip balm, would be the smell of it. It smells like thousand of berries all squashed and mixed into this tiny 4g of product. Mad love the scent!

True to the colour on the product itself, this swatch is a vibrant red-hotpink that is eye catching.

How they look on my lip! 
My take on the application process: It goes on really easily and just a simple swipe would do. However, due to the shape of the lipbalm, it tends to stain the area around my lips :@ I said "stain" because this is definitely very long-lasting. I thought a lipstick shape applicator would be easier for the user but for the price that I am getting it at, I have no qualms!

Scary looking me :/
The condition of my lips are always dry and crack easily. So, le me always like to tote around a lipbalm. However, if I were to choose between a lipbalm or a lipstick, I would choose the lipstick. 
Therefore, this NYX Colour Lip Balm in the shade - Thank You, really is a saviour. 
True to the description on the catalog, this is really a lipbalm and a lipstick. It also has some shine upon application.

I would rate this product: 9/10
Probably the best lipbalm there is in the market, this really does moisturize my lips. The pretty "lipstick" part of it is a long-lasting formula that does not comes off with a kiss (I kissed Chubby with this and the colour didn't budge at all! :x). It goes off slightly when I am having lunch but there is still a considerable amount left after that. 

I would definitely buy this product again! There are other shades and all the shades have the cutest name ever! The shades are named after "Thank you" in different languages. 
I would love to try the xiexie next!


Random updates:

-Some top from Malaysia (bought at RM15)
-Skater skirt from Cotton On
-Kitty headband (le meowz)

Shall end my post here kayz. 
I hope you enjoy the review and do let me know if you have tried this!

Much Loves and Kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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