Sunday, 25 November 2012

#203; Sponsored Review - Pore Putty Smooth BB Cream

I always wanted to try out SANA products because they appeal to me so much. And I was extremely please when I was selected by SANA to review their Pore Putty Smooth BB Cream. This is Japan's No.1 BB Cream series and after testing it out, I could see why this series is such a hit in Japan!

I received the Pore Putty Smooth BB Cream in my mailbox, a few days after SANA Singapore mailed it out to me. The product was in a pretty pastel blue packaging with a golden cover, mad love the simple yet elegant design of this BB cream!

This product has 30g of wholesome goodness and it has SPF15 PA+. Which means, my face can haz sunblock nao! Usually, I am too lazy to slab on sunblock, and the BB cream I have so far do not come with any SPF. So, the SPF factor has definitely won me over (first impressions do matter).

Here is how the Pore Putty Smooth BB cream look like on my hand, compared to my skin tone. I thought it was pretty close to my natural skin tone, so it blends really well on my skin.

See what I meant, when I said that the BB cream blends really well?! 

My verdict on the SANA Pore Putty Smooth BB Cream:
- This has easily become my favourite BB cream of all time and for good reasons too. Using just a little drop of product, I could apply it evenly on my face. Although coverage isn't good enough to cover my pimples, I felt as if my skin could "breathe". What set the Pore Putty Smooth BB cream apart from other BB cream, was the feeling of the product on my face right after application. True to its name, this BB cream goes on really smooth! No sticky, oily feeling after application! And I think, that is the winning factor. I felt that my skin had light but enough coverage, and my makeup stays longer than usual. The Pore Putty Smooth BB Cream is also easily absorbed into my skin. 

Now, I usually get a massive breakout on the very next day, if the BB cream I was using does not suit me. But my skin condition is still good the next day! 

Overall, I would rate this product a 9/10! 
I would definitely get this again after I run out and I would love to try out their other BB cream - Pore Putty Enrich BB cream. Do try this out if you are looking for a BB cream, because this is definitely the best BB cream that I have ever tried! 
Yes, although this review was sponsored, my reviews are accurate and based on my personal opinion. SO get your Pore Putty Smooth BB cream today! I spotted them at John Little~

Me can haz chio skin now! :D

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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