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#204; WCWT - Massive Compilation

I thought I will do an update (the rest of my posts that I have scheduled are adverts and reviews) and since this iz my blog, I wanted to have some "me" time. Therefore, here goes a "Where Chubbys Went Today" post. This is a massive compilation of past photos that I haven't found time to upload. My blog is becoming a very commercialized one, and I thought I would save it from being that way by doing a post about my life so far. 

WARNING: Below, contains a massive collection of foodporn. Viewer's discretion is advised. 

Went out with Chubby the other day to have some 4Fingers Chicken. He is always hyping about them ever since he had them at a friend's party. It was 8 PM  when we found ourselves a space in the small shop. Located at ION Basement (Forgot which level but its near Subway), this small little shop is easy to miss were it not for the ton of people queuing there for the chicken.

I thought the paper cups were so Tumblr-ish and cute. And they played on your reverse psychology by putting up a notice that you shouldn't tell anyone about their chicken. LOLOLOL.

Me and Chubby gotten the same thing! Some Chicken chop with fries. The chicken skin tasted like honey but the meat was tasteless. Which is alright because everybody MUST eat it with the tasty chicken skin. It was a little spicy but manageable. The fries were plain, not too salty which means that they were more healthy!

I like how they place the food in a grease proof plastic paper thing in a silver nondescript army-looking meal tins. Cute way to serve a meal! 

Grumpy Chubby. LOL. 
I think he secretly hates me for stalling his time to take food porn....He could have savored the fries and the chicken while I snap away at my portion.

The other day, Chubby came over to stay and we made poppin cookin for dinner! Three sets in total! :D
We were so full after eating those playthings that we went to bed after dinner.

We were famished while waiting for our pizza to come. Ordered Sarpino's Pizza. One was my choice and the other was Chubby. Can you guess which ones, Chubby ordered?

On top, Chicken Teriyaki Pizza and below, Double Pepperoni Pizza. 

Verdict: The chicken teriyaki pizza was a "mouth opener" so to say. Unique taste but the onions turn me off. Then again, I didn't particularly fancy any forms of vegetable so it's just me being biased. 
Mad love the pepperoni pizza because.... IT'S FRIGGIN PEPPERONI. 

And yes, Chicken Teriyaki was boyffie and mine was the Double Pepperoni. We were so hungreh, that we cleared two whole pizzas on our own. The toilet was our best friend after the massive food stuffing session.


Last last week, me and Chubby decided to explore Raffles City and Suntec. We found Fruits Paradise Cafe at Raffles City basement and since they offered set lunches, we decided to take our lunch there. 

Trying to act atas kay. So I ordered Rosebud tea, thinking it would turn out pink. But it just look like plain water and tasted vaguely of rosebuds. Not sure if I was scammed but sure felt that way. The glassware look dainty and tai-tai enough so I shall not complain.

The food that I ordered was this - Tempura Omu Rice ($9.90 If I remembered correctly)
Looks so appetizing doesn't it?
I passed all my vegetables to Chubby hahahahaahaaha! The rice inside the Omu was tomato flavoured and goes so well with the watery eggs covering it. The tempura was... asdfghjkl awesome. 

Chubby ordered the Chicken Karage Omu Rice.
Now, if you're wondering why his food peekture came out so blurry, it's because this Chubby one has declared war on my camera and me. He keeps photobombing my nice food photos with his finger..... WTF. 
Then this was the only presentable looking photo of his food.... WITHOUT HIS FINGER IN IT. 

Chubby felt extremely cheated because the sauce surrounding the rice is some beef thing, and not his precious Japanese Curry. HAH! Serves him right for photobombing my food photos >;D

How could you eat at Fruit Paradise Cafe without eating their famous fruit tarts?!
I gotten myself a mango tart again. I swear they really are the best. PLUS, with purchase of their lunch set meals, you could get each tart at $2 off, which means my mango tart only costed me $4.90. WTF. 

I love how they always designed each plate differently. Like this one, the person preparing my tart puts on the cutest heart shape ever.


And if you followed me on my twitter/Instagram, @amandamisaki.
You would have seen that I went to coffee bean with le chubby last Saturday, to get myself a Caramel Ice blended. Not sure why there was whipped cream there but I am not complaining. 
Gong gong Chubby got himself a tiny cup of milk for don't know what reasons and he happily drank it..

Fruit tart porn!
I was a little depressed that day and super stressed from studying, so Chubby bought me a fruit tart! There wasn't any mango left... :/ So he got me a mango strawberry fruit tart which was okay... but not as awesome as the Mango ones.

Which, really left me quite unsatisfied...


Sheepish looking me. 
I realized that my face isn't up here for awhile, so I decided to just grab a recent photo and put them up. 
I really do apologise for the lack of updates and the increasingly large amount of adverts and reviews. It's just that my exams are around the corner and le me has been mugging hard. Hard enough to burn midnight oil till 4am :/ 
So that was my life so far. I promise Dec will be better with more new posts and a giveaway ^~^
So do continue to support this blog!
Also, majorly sorry about the massive foodporn and messy blog layout in this post. But as you can see, I couldn't probably blog about each and every outing with Chubby because I am not a photogenic person. I am not as narcissistic to splatter my face everywhere in a post and we take really little photos cause we are camera-shy. LOL NO. We are just lazy to take photos. 

Goodnight sweethearts and have fun reading my past post kayz?

Amanda Misaki Sea

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