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#205; Sponsored Review - Puffy 3 tone Grey

Hey loves, I am back with a new sponsored review for the month of December! I hereby apologize for the long wait in between posts, because I am currently mugging for my exams. So, today's review is sponsored by the kind and extremely efficient Uniqso!

Uniqso specializes in different types of big eye colored lenses and big eye circle lenses. They are based in Malaysia. But fret not, they ship Worldwide! They were kind enough to sponsor me two lenses, prior to this review and they are the GEO Princess Mimi Bambi Green as well as the I.Fairy Venus Red. You may check out the reviews if you're interested here and here respectively.

This time round, Uniqso sent me the famous Puffy 3 tone lenses in Grey. I truly adore this series, as the colour is vibrant and blends well into the eye. So, I was looking forward to receiving them!
*excited, le jumps*

Here is the box that the lenses came in! Uniqso pack their lenses really well, they bubblewrap the vials of lenses, place them in the cutest boxes ever and then place them in a bubble-lined envelope to prevent breakage while in transit.

So, the tiny box that the lenses came in had bears around the sides saying "Thank You" in different languages, too cute.... And a look, at the different designs you might get! I really am a sucker for pretty and cute packaging. I guess, you could say that I have a thing for eye candy (in this case, the pretty lenses inside and the pretty packaging that they have).

The Puffy 3-Tone Grey lenses came in these vials and they are manufactured from Dueba Contacts.
Details of the lenses:
62% Polyhema, 38% water
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Diameter: 16.5mm

I love the lens casing that Uniqso has put in for me! It has L and R printed on the bottom of the lens casing, so you wouldn't mix up the side (awesome for me, since my degrees are different for both eyes). Furthermore, there was a Q-Tip (better known to SGreans as cotton buds) to help you coax out the lenses from their vials, in case they were stuck.

I decided to place all the pictures in a collage form and label them for easier comparison~
As you can see, the colour of the lenses are really vibrant and noticeable under daylight. It is obvious, but blends in extremely well without looking too weird! These are the go-to lenses if you are looking for a pair that says "Hey, I am wearing contact lenses and you can notice them!".
Under normal room lighting, a nice warm shade of grey. Enough said, these lenses are probably the most obvious and yet so flattering to the eyes. Definitely my favourite pair of lenses/series out of the many lenses that I own!
Enlargement wise, there isn't a dark ring to give a more defined look, so enlargement looks natural and flattering as compared to my eyes without lenses (Pardon me for the red eyes and dark circles, didn't slept well).

A close-up of the Puffy 3-Tone Grey lenses!
Too pretty for words. 

Le me, showing off my pretty lenses. 
These lenses are definitely noticeable as well as enlarges your eyes pretty nicely! Not only that, they are very comfortable despite the low water content. It really feels so comfy that I can go 8 hours without any eyedrops! Mad love~
And, what is the purpose of wearing pretty pretty contact lenses without taking selcas?!

Love my lenses? :D
Then get yours now @ Uniqso.
They are the Puffy 3 Tone Grey and the price is super affordable kayz? If grey isn't your thing, there are other colours ranging from warm brown to funky purple!
Not only that, Uniqso are currently having their Xmas Sales, so do check them out and quote AS10 to get 10% off when you check out! :D

Goodnight and I hope you guys enjoyed this review! ^~^

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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