Saturday, 8 December 2012

#206; Review - Candylicious Puffy 3 tone Grey & Comparison

Hey guys!
I am back with another lens review! This time round, the review will be on the Candylicious Puffy 3 Tone grey. I bought these lenses from a friend of mine who was having a major discount. Each pair of lens were only $7/pair at the time and I thought I was in on a very good deal until I received the lenses.
The lenses came in a vial without labels and the colours weren't what I expected.

Most of the lenses I ordered, were brown and I expected a lot from them. But the colors weren't obvious and to make it worse, some of the lenses felt defective on my eyes. Since there weren't any labels on them, I didn't know if they were expired or if they are really Candylicious lenses at all. I had to wait close to two months for them to arrive. Ugh.
Learnt my lesson: Never order cheap lenses. 

Today's post will be a review and a comparison between this: Candylicious Puffy 3 Tone Grey(?) and Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Grey.

No pictures of the lenses in their vials because I thought they look ugly in it. The lenses came in a glass vial with no labels (apparently, my friend's supplier forgotten the labels :/ ). So here they are in their lens casing instead. 

As you can see, these lenses blend quite well with my natural eye colour but it is still a visible shade of grey. Just like the Dueba Puffy 3 Tone lenses they are very noticeable in normal room lighting and note the little bit of orange inside the lenses to help give your pupils more depth! The right eye (which is the left side in pictures) hurt likea bitch. And I swear they keep going all lopsided (see the picture titled "normal lighting"). At first, I thought the lenses were dirty, so I washed them with solution and tried them on again after a few hours but they still hurt my eyes. I searched for a tear and found none, so I came to the conclusion that they were defective. I texted my friend who didn't reply since. Wtf. Not friends anymore *flips hair*

Enlargement wise, they do enlarge my eyes pretty well and I love how they seem so natural! Really love them and would wear them a lot, if they didn't hurt my eyes. In fact, I couldn't stand how painful they were that I threw them away right after I was done with the reviews. The left side was alright though and felt comfortable enough for me to continue through to the comparison section between this pair of lenses and the Dueba Puffy 3 tone grey.

So, when I first received the Dueba Puffy 3 tone Grey, I thought that it would be a great idea to do a comparison between them and the Candylicious (?) Puffy 3 Tone Grey. I will evaluate these lenses based on comfort, colour and enlargement.

Comfort: Dueba 3 tone grey is definitely more comfortable. They felt so natural and soft in my eyes, that I am  definitely repurchasing them in the near future. Even though the water content is 38%, they weren't dry even if I wore them for 8 hours straight. Candylicious (?) 3 tone grey are alright. I do not know about the water content but they felt a little weird in my eye, like I could feel them in there (basing this comparison on the left eye).

Color: Both lenses are quite similar in terms of colour. Note how the Candylicious one has a darker black rim, whereas the Dueba ones had a thicker black rim. Personally, I prefer the Dueba ones because they weren't as grainy as the candylicious and the colour sorts of blend into your natural eye. The orangey part of the lenses weren't so obvious on the Dueba pairs compared to the Candylicious. 

Enlargement: Need I comment on the enlargement? The Dueba are definitely bigger than the Candylicious ones. However, in terms of how natural the enlargement is, I would say that Candylicious does the job perfectly. 

Verdict: The Dueba Puffy 3 tone grey is the clear winner in this comparison. And unless you are looking for a pair that enlarges your eyes really naturally, I wouldn't really recommend the Candylicious (?) Puffy 3 tone greys.

I have therefore, concluded this review and comparison post. Really sorry for the lack of updates as I was busy preparing for my exams and I fell sick :/ So, no selcas for this post, as I really feel + look like crap right now....

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. Omg a few months ago I also bought two pair of lens at $7 per pair and those two pair of lenses felt defective on my eyes too. I thought it was Super Barbie Brand(that's what the seller said) but they came without labels and even the caps didn't look like Super Barbie so I thought it would be Candylicious but WHATEVER,They hurt so much I threw them straightaway after trying them on twice.

  2. Who did you buy them from? :I
    They had weird orange and white caps :/ doesnt look like candylicious! Do drop me an email at :I really want to know! :D
    Thank you!


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