Thursday, 13 December 2012

#207; My guide to flawless skin

I thought I would do this post today because I always wanted to introduce my skincare products and regime but I am so lazy~
And so, this is my guide to flawless skin (I am so thick skin right now by saying that my face is flawless...pfft). It isn't really a guide but more of a recommendation and a look of what skincare products, I currently own.

Before I start, an introduction about my skin condition. I have combination "skin"? Which means that my T-zone is oily af and produces enough oil to fry an egg! Okay, I am exaggerating. But really, my T-zone is much oilier than the rest of my face. You will know how difficult it is to maintain combination skin in the later part of this post.

Makeup Removers

So, I use the Cyber Colors Eye makeup remover to remove my eye makeup (duh.) and I swear this is good! It can remove stubborn eyeliner and waterproof mascara! You can get this at Sasa.
To remove my face makeup such as foundation, powder and BB cream, I use the Rice cleansing water from The Face Shop. I love the texture of this cleansing water, it is gel-like and watery and smells a little like hand sanitizer. LOL. 

I don't really trust all in one makeup removers because your eye area is much more delicate than the skin on the other parts of your face. Imagine removers that can remove super thick foundation...use that on your eyelids and you may have sagging eyes or premature wrinkles.....Not cool. 


I am currently use The Body Shop - Seaweed deep cleansing facial wash. Love the scent! It smells so....not seaweed-ish but it has this refreshing smell. I don't know how to explain it. Besides this cleanser, I use other brands such as Simple (this is good for sensitive skin). 

Picture of my cleanser with my makeup removers because I was afraid that it would get lonely...


This is by far the skin care that I swear by. Eucerine Hydrating care helps to moisturize my face in the morning after I wash my face and the Active Night care helps me remove pimples in just 3 freaking days! I did it a review about the amazing powers of these before and I really do love them enough to repurchase them after I have finish using them. Quite expensive. One product is $30++ but worth it. These were sponsored by The Sample Store

Exfoliation and Mask

Bought these two Skin Food products online and I have been in love with them ever since! The Royal Honey Mask is a kind of gel that gently exfoliates your skin. Exfoliation is really important as there are dead skin that needs to be remove in order to give your face that inner radiance (for twilight fans, yes, you can sparkle like Edward now). It really smells like honey!

And the Skin Food Wash-off rice mask, definitely my favorite mask of all time. I don't usually use wash-off masks because I am too lazy to wash it off.... But I have been using this diligently because I love the scent of it and it has rice bits in it that exfoliates my skin. I will do a review about this really soon and you can see how amazing this is.

Sheet Mask

Sheet mask are the ultimate best friend to a lazy person's skincare routine. Mainly because, after you are done with them, you don't have to wash your face. HAHAH! 
The amount of sheet mask that I have accumulated over the years. Some are freebies from The Sample Store and some are tiny gifts from sellers. And since there are just so many different types of sheet mask here, I will separate them into different categories.

The blackheads. My range of tiny nose mask to help remove blackheads. I remember there was a period of time, that I was plague with tiny blackheads on my nose which were so stubborn to remove! So I bought the Biore blackhead nose mask/patch thing which works fairly well in removing blackheads and white heads. I really love the PureTree ones because they smell so herbal and there really is an improvement as compared to the Biore ones. 

Big sized mask! Not convenient to bring around for travelling and doesn't feel as if there is much "juice" inside them as compared to the smaller ones. The whitening mask is something my dad bought me in Vietnam. LOL. And the Etude House ones are tiny gift of appreciation from a seller :)

Ah, My Beauty Diary mask! Probably my favorite brand of sheet mask because they fit perfectly on my face. Plus, there are a lot of "juice" in them and they come in the cutest packaging ever. WTF. I use to spam buy the tiny packs of 5 that you can get at Guardians. The Earl Grey Tea and Macaron sheet mask are just so asdfghjkl cute. I bought a whole set of mask for Mummy dearest and she passed these three to me because she thought it would smell weird. Haven't tried it out though...

They look so cute, that they deserve another photo!

The 3D masks! These are awesome from firming and lifting! Really nice to use and you can really feel the effect after one application. Redeem them from The Sample Store and love them so much! 

SexyLook mask bought from Watsons at $2! Got it because of the packaging...WTF. 
And Love More My Melody mask was a gift from seller! Pretty darn cute packaging! :D
These are tiny masks too, approximately the same size as My Beauty Diary mask!

They deserve their own photo!

Alright, that's all for my makeup regime! I forgotten to include toners (important to minimize pores after washing!).
Now, I really am looking for Sexy Look Rilakkuma Masks! Really! And I hope I find them but can anyone just keep a look out for them and let me know where I can get them? Pretty please?

Alright loves,
Until next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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