Saturday, 15 December 2012

#208; Hauls! Dec Part 1

Hey sweeties! 
Decided to do a haul post to commemorate the ending of my torturous common tests! I haven't been shopping much online or at retail shops because of the common test. Also, partly because I didn't had enough cash to do much serious damage *cries*

So here are the hauls that I have just received this month!

Received these a few days back! Free samples from The Sample Store~
I redeemed a tiny bottle of Hada Labo (perfect to bring around for travelling!), a bottle of eye drop from Complete Blink n Clean and some Cure sachets! 

Apparently the Complete Blink N Clean eye drop cleanses your contact lenses while moisturising your eyes! Shall try them out soon and do a review on all the samples that I have hauled in this post!
Also, when I saw that there were Cure samples, I was thrilled and almost died. Cure is available in Watsons and is quite pricey, so I like to head over to their tester bottle and just use the product on my hands. It is an exfoliate that truly works like a miracle!

The contact lenses are Freshlook Illuminate one day lenses sponsored by EyeLookGood! 

Bought studs for a DIY project that I am going to do this month! :D
They cost me $8 for a pack of 100 studs and are really pretty! I bought them from Meus Paradise on Facebook. She offers free normal postage so do check her out as she sells studded wallets too. Prices are very reasonable and preorder waiting time is about 2-3weeks!

Gotten this off Qoo10! The ever popular cat ear hairband! This is really really pretty and I can see why so many people are obsessed with them, but they are not exactly versatile for wearing out. Or maybe it's just me.... This was cheaper than other online stores! Forgotten the price, but definitely cheaper~

Gotten a mushroom shaped squishy and a handphone strap from Jemolian's Store (search for them on Facebook! They are having an open house sales and it is a pity I cannot attend :/). The owner takes the cutest Rilakkuma photos ever! And their items are priced really reasonably. This squishy costed me $3 and the handphone strap costed me $4. I actually wanted to convert the squishy to an ornament for a whipped cream iPhone casing that I was planning to make, but the size of it is too big :/
Ahh well, but it makes for a cute accessory to hang on my bag/camera!

And since they were so very cute, they deserve a photo on their own! :D
I hauled a lot of Rilakkuma stuff this time round, just so you know.

Ordered this Rilakkuma Nautical Series Mirror from Taobao along with a Rilakkuma scarf. The shipping was crazy expensive... more expensive than the item itself because the scarf was quite heavy. WTF. Feel so cheated.

Nevertheless, love the mirror because it is super pretty! And it works really well when I have to squeeze out an annoying pimple :x

Scare away readers with my tiny eyes, makeup-less face and act cute bloated fish face. LOL!
Okay la, please admit that the Rilakkuma scarf is cute leh! I actually ordered this because I was supposed to go Taiwan this month and it was cold there... But there was a change of plans. So I suppose this will work absolutely well when I am going ice skating with Chubby Cheeks!

My adorable Rilakkuma staring at masks!

In case, you didn't follow me on Instagram, I found this in Watsons! The Watsons near my house finally caries this and I was so asdfghjkl happy! Although they didn't sell it in packs but per sheet instead. One was $2.50, a little pricey but worth the investment for sucha sweet thing. 
Their properties?
Kiroi (The chick) - Deep cleansing
Korilakkuma (the beige bear) - Whitening!
Rilakkuma - Hydaration~

Super happy. 

I hauled this, sometime back but didn't post this up till now. Pandora Vanilla Shake lenses in Grey! :D
Bought them from SP Curve, Facebook shop at $11 inclusive of normal postage! She sells many types of different contact lenses at the most affordable prices. Reliable too! I have been getting all my lenses from her.

And this is the lenses! They don't come in vials, instead, they come in blister packages with the prettiest design. So atas okay? And the grey is really pretty on the model so I hope it turns out pretty on me too! :x

That's all for now! I shall end off this post with one last Rilakkuma-related haul that I thought was really cute!

Introducing into my Rilakkuma collection, Little Chicken Korilakkuma! She isn't wearing pants :x *shy,shy*
She is my very first korilakkuma~
I promise I will be back with more post next week so do stay tuned! 
 I will also be hosting a giveaway on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so do look forward to it!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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