Thursday, 20 December 2012

#209; What's in my makeup bag

Hello there! :D
I was away last weekend for a short trip to BKK and hauled back quite a number of pretty loots! Shall show them off in a later post as well as blog about my trip there. For now, I wanted to do a post about what is in my makeup bag!

Cosmetics is a vital part of my life. Ever since I have experimented with it at the age of 15, I have been hooked! In school, I was the boring and plain Amanda that no one wanted to date or even look at twice. But when I went out, I dressed up like a peacock (figuratively speaking). It made me feel more confident and I would be like those typical "ah lian" with their 1 inch thick foundation. But as the year progressed, I steered towards a more gyaru style then a more natural and lightweight makeup, almost like Ulzzang. Although I couldn't really capture the essence of both style, I still like to think of my makeup style as uniquely mine and hope it would be so to the people around me.

So, I thought I would share what is in my makeup bag with you guys because it would give an idea of what is my favorite cosmetics for the moment as well as the cosmetic product that I would recommend. 

My extremely cute Rilakkuma pouch bought from a store at Raffles City! Costed me about $18+ but super pretty!

A close up of teh Rilas! I have to say that the Rilakkuma Sweet series are one of my favorite series of all time!

The interior of the pouch is silky smooth. Japanese DO NOT scrimp on their materials! Awesome :D

Random Rilakkuma keychain that me and Chubby Cheeks gotten from a Gashapon machine in Vivo City Toys R Us! :D
I should stop obsessing with my Rilakkuma makeup pouch and keychain, getting nothing done here!
*flips table*

So here is what is in my makeup bag:
First up, featuring my lup lup sup sup things.
Lens casing to store my lenses in case they hurt my eyes too much. 
Some extra nails sticker in case my false nails fall off :/
And some Qtips to wipe off stray eyeliner/smudged mascara.

Yeap, I am a very prepared person! *determined face*

Favorite BB cream right now! Goodbye TonyMoly Cat Winks BB cream, this is so friggin awesome that I will rebuy it even if it cost me $40! 

L'Oreal foundation powder to make the BB cream appear more matte but did not really use this with the use of the Pore Putty Smooth BB cream (because it is that awesome).

Candydoll Concealer in 01 for days when I have horrible lizard looking like skin. This works wonder for me. Coverage isn't too heavy and doesn't clog my pores. Plus this smells so good! 
Not sure if it is the correct term, but it smells "vitamin-c-ish".

Melliesh blusher in 01 which is a natural shade of pink, like you're blushing all the time *shyyyy*
Melliesh bronzer, perfect for contouring and making your cheekbones more prominent.
Ellefar Hanataka Powder, highlighter powder that I have gotten from Daiso. LOL. Thought it was too shiny (can glitter like Edward already) to use as a highlighting powder but it is alright for night time makeup. 

My eyeshadow palettes! Usually I would just keep one in my makeup pouch but I love to show off, so here the two of them are! One from Revlon and one from Etude House.

Personally love the Etude House ones more as the packaging is pretty af and it has a mirror for me to apply it on the go.

Revlon palette, shall do a swatch and review for this but the colors isn't too vibrant and doesn't show up all too well..... :/

For the single eyeshadows, I have Canmake and Etude House in my collection. Both are bought from Overseas! Mumsy bought me the Canmake ones from HK while the Etude House was from Kuala Lumpur.

A close up!

So you can tell that I really do love peachy tones and warm chocolate shades. I don't do anything too outrageous! Haha, I am boring :/

My favorite liners for now!
Hypersharp liner is a black liner. Dying to try out the K-Palette 24 h tattoo eyeliner after my eyeliner runs out!
Kate brown liquid liner, review for this will be up soon. 
DollyWink Pencil brown liner, probably the only eyeliner pencil that I love and would consider repurchasing because of its color and lasting power.

-Base coat mascara to hold up the curls of your eyelash from Daiso!
-Dollywink Long Mascara

Candydoll lip concealer to give the really pale appearance, just so I don't have to go to school! 
Just kidding, this is good for concealing your real lip colour so your lipstick colour would show more vibrantly.

My beloved Candydoll Lipstick and lipgloss! Totally forgotten the shades @.@
Wanted to put my favorite NYX Color Lip balm here but couldn't find it..... 

My MAC lipglass. Used a few times and find it too sticky :/ 
Still inside my makeup bag because I couldn't find a day to use this and not feel icky. 
Anyway, confession time :x
Sometimes, when my lashes fall off a little, I use lipgloss as a substitute for glue because it is sticky :x

I left the best for the last! :D
Bought this in the afterrnoon and I love it! Patel pink and it's the Little Twin Stars!

It can hold a few pairs of lashes and a small tube of DollyWink lash glue! Perfect for a day out and for you to store lashes that have fallen off! :D

So, I hope you guys enjoy what is in my makeup bag. Tune in to this space for more updates as well as an awesome giveaway by Cute Little Strawberries
Post will be up soon!

Many love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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