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#210; Travelogue - BKK Day 1~

Back with a travelogue! 
Some days back, I went on a short trip to BKK (Bangkok) for shopping and to relieve some stress from the common test. I felt as if I have studied really hard this time round even though it's just the common test. So unlike myself. 

Flew off on the Saturday via Singapore Airlines at Terminal 2. I woke up at 9am and left my house at 10am to take a cab to the airport. Our flight was about 2:45pm, but mummy dearest is a well known pessimist plus extra "kan-chiong" person. Thus explains the really early timing to set off. 

After checking in and depositing our luggages, we went and got ourselves something to eat. I had some chicken rice. And then... I found Dunkin Donuts and went mad. Gotten myself a choc pudding which was so darn good. Sister got herself some strawberry jam donut. I thought DD really did well this Xmas! Check out their pretty awesome Xmas themed donuts! They have mint flavored Christmas trees and donuts shaped like socks! :D

We boarded the flight and I can't help but take a photo of my plane ticket! :D It's my second time to BKK, as I went there once, when I was 3 years old. Couldn't remember anything from my time there though! Being the person I was, I started taking a million and one photos of all the pretty and interesting thing that was on the plane. The plane was friggin huge! And it reminded me of this book that I was reading...about vampires and plagues. WTF.

Please don't judge me okay? I like storyline that has vampires in it, but not the soppy love story kind like twilight. I prefer vampires that are animalistic and have no human emotions whatsoever, less gay kayz? And more carnage (I liek pain and suffering. Joking.)

Suaku Amanda has to snap a photo of this. It's a in-flight entertainment TV screen thingy! 
I was so excited by this and couldn't wait to watch some movies or cartoons!

It was nice of them to add some Christmas decorations on the plane.
Give a festive feel! 
Christmas is really the best time of the year. Not because of the presents but because it feels nice to indulge in the festivities!

Emo looking Halloween Rila staring out. Goodbye Sg... D;
Chubby one send me this really long text that made me tear a little. 
He is so good in making me feel so darn loved all the time! <3

The plane took off soon after and I fell asleep :/ 
I thought I was going to watch some TV but no! I was too tired. 
Woke up a while later by the smell of food! I guess my stomach is a bottomless pit...Because I am hungry again.

I gotten Pork with rice and they had the nicest prawn salad. Speaking of which, I am craving for the Tempura prawns that Chubby Cheeks made me the other time.....

The portion was tiny but that didn't matter because I had free flow of apple juice plus...

Mango Sherbet Ice cream! 
Watched the expendables while eating my lunch and was so happy.
We landed at BKK ahead of schedule and met my father at some random part of the airport. 

My dad is a pro okay? He sat beside this random Singaporean Business man who set up business in Bangkok and he was so generous. They only known each other for a few hours but uncle drove us to our hotel plus treated us to a sumptuous seafood dinner! He ordered like 20 dishes! No pictures because I was too hungry plus worried sick because I couldn't text my Chubby one. The hotel I stayed in didn't had WIFI plus I hadn't bought a sim card yet. 

The food was really good. I love the Tom Yum and the fried Otak-otak thing. All the food is so spicy and mouth-watering and I cleared 4 crabs on my own. 

Took this photo when Uncle drove us to Siam Paragon! 
Apparently, they don't celebrate Christmas as most of the Thai are Buddhist? But there are still tons of Christmas decorations and Christmas tree around the town area!

Headed out to the stalls that were set up opposite Siam Paragon as they had more affordable things! :p 
Looked around and found the Simpson pullover that so many people online are looking for. As well as tons of studded shorts, ombre shorts, studded tops and knitted pullover. Now you know where Livejournal store get their stocks. Each clothing are priced at less than 200baht which translates to about $8+ for each top and you can negotiate if you are getting more!

I gotten a short sleeve knitted shirt in cream color that I thought was really pretty. It costed me 120 baht = less than SGD $6! WTF.  And after shopping around, hauled a brown vintage belt that cost 59 baht (less than SGD$3)

The good thing about this night market is that there are tons of things to see and all the stores are selling similar items. So if the owner of a stall doesn't decrease their prices, you could head to another store! There were also some tiny cluster of shops in the alleyways (like Bugis Street) that sold the cutest things ever...

Workable Polaroid camera! Can you believe it! Was so tempted to get one but I only brought 2000baht with me and this cost around 2999 baht. Which was still so darn cheap compared to the price in SG! 

Headed back to the hotel that I was staying in, after a fruitful day of shopping/sight-seeing. 
And, I bought a sim card from their 7-11! The line is Dtac and comes with unlimited 3G for a week.
The line was pretty fast and I could whatsapp Chubby one with tons of photo as well as surf Facebook and Instagram! :D
Costed me 299baht~

I had the chio-est window seats in my room with three tiny windows facing the street level. Me and my sister shared a room while Daddy and Mummy had their own rooms, next door. 

Their complimentary water! :D 
Over the next few days in BKK, I observed that most soft drinks and water came, packaged like this -
in glass bottles with metal caps. They looked especially cute though!! 

My cute pink corner filled with my makeup products, lens solution and facial care! :D

Brought Halloween Rila on this trip while sister brought her one and only elephant soft toy - Humpeli. His real name is Humphrey, but my mum can't really pronounce it, so she just calls it "Humpeli". LOL.

Shall end this post here!
I will be back soon with day 2 of my trip to Bangkok so do stay tuned!~ 

Much Love and hope you guys enjoy this post,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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