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#211; Advert - CLS 2013 Must get accessories!

2013 is around the corner and with it comes new resolutions and hopes for a better year ahead. What better way to celebrate the end of 2012 and the start of 2013, with a giveaway by Cute Little Strawberries?!

Here is the picture of how you could stand to win a set of accessories (necklace, earrings, bracelet, rings) and a random note pad with envelopes which are super adorable!
In case this photo doesn't load well on your phone/laptop because of poor connectivity, here is how you can join the giveaway in 3 easy steps!

1. "Like" Cute Little Strawberries on Facebook! 
2. Share the giveaway photo with a comment on why you would like to win and tag them in it (@CuteLittleStrawberries).
3. Screenshot the shared post on your wall and email to
Closing date is 1 January 2013 and Cute Little Strawberries will choose 10 winners! :D
Means, more chance for you to win something good for the new year!


The lovely owner of Cute Little Strawberries has sponsored me with tons of pretty goodies for review and I must say, they really outdone themselves! So many pretty accessories to choose from, that I am spoiled for choice!
Do you know that each spree, more new designs are added in? Also, some designs are exclusive to their spree only, so it is best to view each and every spree so as not to miss out on anything! :D

Goodies that I have gotten from CLS!
Ranging from bracelets to graphic tattoos, there is something for everyone!

And I must say, that I am impressed! 
CLS now print their invoices in full color! So it saves you the trouble to have to log in, access your order and check to make sure all the accessories are there. Because now, you can counter check against the printed invoices. Very naise!

Tempted to see what I have gotten? :D
I shall split them into different categories! Easier for you to view and read!

Hair accessories

I absolutely adore this! It is a golden hair cuff that adds a classy touch to the conventional pony tail. 
Somehow, I feel that it makes my hair appear more slick and atas. With a good elastic band attached to it, you will never have to search for a rubber band and hair accessory to spice up your hair. 

See what I mean? I saw a few pictures of girls with curly pony tails x this hair cuff/elastic band and they look absolutely gorgeous! If it weren't for the frizzy state that my hair is in right now, I would have curled my hair to show off  *flips hair*.

When I first laid eyes on this cutie on CLS site, my brain screamed.
I MUST GET THIS. Simply because it is so...tumblr.
Interlinked golden flowers will adorn your head and make you look like a greek goddess. LOLOL
Okay, I am exaggerating. But seriously, this is absolutely gorgeous. 
Even my mum says so.

And I think this goes super darn well with a messy high bun!
It goes so well with my hair that... I am speechless. 
This is a must buy.

A pretty pink bow to add a sweet touch! I think this goes extremely well with a half pony tail!
I could wear this to school and look pretty in pink (literally).

Something like this! 
Ignore the telecoil band I use because I couldn't find a proper rubber band. Also, ignore le messy table simply because.... exams period, so you know. Yea.


Gotten this black and gold triangular bracelet. This is prettier in real life! 
I swear!

I am just starting to love arm candy and I think this is an essential piece in your collection because black and gold goes well with anything. Can't wait to expand my bracelet collection because CLS has tons of new bracelets up for preorder!

This white rocker bracelet is a freebie from CLS because the batch was delayed for a few days. How sweet can they be? It isn't their fault that shipping was delayed, yet, Cute Little Strawberries was considerate to offer all customers in the spree, freebies to make up for it!
Nice people, you definitely won't regret shopping with them. 

Pretty inspired bracelet! Not sure which brand this bracelet is inspired from though. ASOS?
Either way, this is pretty! Silver with black glittery gems at the arrows, this bracelet is simple and elegant. The only drawback is that it is a little too small for my chubby wrists and I gave myself a few scratches while wearing this :/ 
Other than this, girls with tiny wrists would adore this!


My first time getting a large statement necklace like this and didn't regret it!
Pretty pearls inlaid on gold, this piece is absolutely stunning!
Goes really well on plain tops/knitted top.

Probably the only few photos of me because I have grown extremely chubby due to the holidays and exam stress.... PLUS, my hair is so messed up right now. No words can describe them.
ANYWAY, see what I meant when I said that the necklace goes well with a plain knitted top? So atas right?

Also gotten this Rose Gold studded spike necklace because it was quite trendy. 
I thought it was super cool plus extremely pretty. The retail price for this is super pricey but CLS sells this at only $4! WTF!

Blurry selca taken using iPhone front cam. I love how well it goes with denim!
I actually wanted to pair this necklace with my newly bought camo outerwear with black tank top but didn't have the chance to wear that yet.


Gotten this pair of lovely black x gold x diamond heart shape earrings from their catalogue! Thought it was pretty because it look like zebra prints and yet elegant because of the black and gold in it!

How it looks on my ear! Visible without being too overwhelming!

And I love pearl earrings! These are shaped like flowers, though you can't make out the pattern in such close up of the earrings.

The flower pattern is more visible here!

Graphic tattoos

May I emphasize how much I adore the selection of graphic tattoos that Cute Little Strawberries has to offer?!
Priced super affordably (prices range from $1 onwards), these graphic tattoos are realistic and funky!
Definitely a must for girls and guys who are afraid to get tattoo, yet want a temporary and painless one!

Here is what I have gotten:

What's your favorite? Mine would have to be the rainbow unicorn! 

I couldn't wait and cut a tattoo out to use on my wrist! Posted this picture on instagram and had quite a number of likes! Pretty isn't it?

In case you are afraid of its lasting power, this graphic tattoo lasted me three days! Plus, I accidentally scratch my wrist super hard, yet it didn't budge. LOL! 

I have therefore concluded the preview of all that I have gotten from Cute Little Strawberries!
Do remember to join their giveaway! 
Also, remember to bookmark their website and shop with them today because they are truly awesome. 
Pretty accessories x affordable prices x friendly and good customer service = happy customer! :D

Join their upcoming spree and get your pretty pretty accessories for the Chinese New Year! :D
Make your relatives jealous of you. LOL. 

Much loves and hope you enjoy this post!
Amanda Misaki Sea

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