Tuesday, 25 December 2012

#212; Amanda's Christmas Giveaway!

Hey sweeties!
Finally, it is the day of giving and receiving! I have been looking forward to this day because of the potential presents I will be receiving and more because, it is nice to see your loved ones smile when they receive their gifts. 

And because this Christmas, I feel especially generous, I will be holding a Christmas/2013 Giveaway!

Just follow these simple steps to stand a chance to win one pair of pretty lenses for your eyes!
1. "Like" my page.
3. "Like" and "Share" this photo from my Facebook page and comment with your twitter username (remember to set it as public or it wouldn't be counted!) OR tweet about the giveaway with this hashtag, #AMCG (LOL, Short form for Amanda Misaki's Christmas Giveaway). 
4. Repeat step 3 everyday to increase your chances of winning!

Here is how you to make your shares public so it will be counted in the giveaway! If your shared post visibility is set as Public, then you can ignore below! 

*le random photo you want to share*
First, click on the share button, click on the "Friends" visibility to make the drop down above to appear and click on "Public" to ensure that the shared post is visible to everyone, including me! :D

For step 3, tweet anything you like! :D You can copy the above example or you can be creative to grab my attention! I love creative tweets! Please make sure your twitter is public for the duration of this giveaway and remember to include the hashtag #AMCG! :D

Now, here is a closer look of what I am giving away!~

I have done a review for luxury 12 blue before and it is a very noticeable shade of blue that is really really pretty! Luxury 52 is for the more adventurous readers! Featuring leopard prints all over this lenses are my favorite! 

Now aren't you excited?!
Join the Christmas giveaway today okay? :D
I will be choosing TWO lucky winners who will each win a pair of lenses!
Giveaway ends on 9 January 2013 and winners will be announced on the 10 January!

Once the results have been announced, please PM me asap to choose and reserve the lenses you would like to win! First come first serve basis okay?

Much love and kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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