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#213; Travelogue - BKK Day 2 ~

Since me and my sister are sharing a room of our own, we didn't bother to set the alarm to wake up for breakfast! Daddy and Mummy who were staying next door, gave us a wake up call at 8am in the morning. And I was so tired and grumpy. Went down to the hotel lobby to had breakfast. Btw, if you guys are curious as to where I stayed in BKK, I was staying at Bossotel Hotel which is really close to Shangri-La and the nearest BTS (Thailand's MRT) station is Saphan Taksin.

Breakfast was a really delicious omelette with ham, mushroom and tomatoes as well as an assortment of oriental and western cuisine. Okay la, I make it sound so atas but there is just some fried rice, sausage, a smiley-face shaped nugget and a few other things which I have forgotten. They have pastries though, and those are good. Didn't take any pictures because I was too grumpy and didn't felt especially well after bingeing on seafood the previous night. 

After breakfast, we prepared then walk all the way to the harbor to catch a public boat ride! Be careful of some other boat agents who will persuade you to take their boat (expensive okay, one boat trip will set you back 1000baht). The public boat ride only cost you less than 100 baht (less than 4SGD).

The shaky bridge to the pier. Can see dad at the bottom just stalking away to look at the boat timing. Took some selcas but I look as round as a moon :/ WTF. So, I shan't post them up here. While waiting for the boat to come, the whole family took random pictures.

A very pretty boat! This boat is reserved for a certain hotel's guest. Not the hotel we are staying though.

The view from the pier! Pretty!
The boat finally reached the pier and we boarded. It is a really long kind of boat that has seats and places for people to stand. Almost like a public bus. Managed to get myself a seat at the front of the boat and off we went. 

Atas hotel's atas boat for atas customers :< 
Will never be able to afford the rides on these pretty boats!

Finally managed a decent photo of me and sister while in the boat!

Our tickets! :D Totally forgotten how much it was but I swear it is damn cheap! 
The boat was going quite fast and the wind was quite strong. Fell asleep for a little while
Woke up to texts from Chubby one and proceeded to take some photos of a pretty bridge.

Then we finally reached the last boat station which has a temple nearby. Thais have this belief that fishes near temple, cannot be caught for recreational purposes or for consumption. So there are tons of fishes there. Not sure what breed they are, but dad bought a packet of bread and we fed those fishy!

I swear the fishes are superbly big. Dad kept touching their wet slick body. Ugh.
The weather there was extremely warm and I cannot stand it. So I skulk off to some shaded area and spotted 7-11. 

Sister and me gotten magnum ice cream for less than 2SGD! wtf. Happy us got back onto the boat and headed back to the area we are staying in. At this point, I was exhausted! And it was only 1pm in the afternoon! D;

Dad bought us all a bottle of tangerine juice. I swear this is damn good. For the rest of the days in Bangkok, this was the only thing that I would drink. For 20baht per bottle, this is definitely worth it. It is sweet and not sour at all! Really refreshing. 

As we walked through the lorong lorong (alleyways), I stop to take a photo. Mumsy and daddy! 
Cute, aren't they?
We headed to the shopping mall that has a food court in it. Had fried noodles and Phad Thai (not sure how it is spelled :/) and they were so asdfghjkl good. 

After lunch, we walked over to the BTS station that was near us, Saphan Taksin and took the train to Mo Chit because....... Chatuchak is there! :D
Chatuchak, not sure how it is spelled, is a bustling market full of cheap clothes, furnitures and they even sell puppies there! It is like Bugis but a more advanced version. LOL. 

The BTS card has a map of the stations behind it.

This is the old school MRT card/bus card that we used to have, before EZlink was introduced! Brings back memories when I was a little kid. *cough*

Reached Mo Chit and the place was so friggin crowded! It took me about 15 minutes to get to the famous "market", not sure if this description is apt but let's just say it is a market, because of the crowd. Everywhere you look, you will see cheap deals like 10 hairbands for 199baht (~$8SGD) or tiny roadside stalls selling the freshest strawberries. I swear I was damn tempted to get some strawberries to munch on because they are those perfect, pretty and red kind that you can camwhore with and feel like you are on cloud nine with rainbow, chocolate fountain and dancing unicorns.

Since dad wanted to take a look at furniture for his new home, he let me and sister shop alone. Mumsy went along with dad after setting a meetup timing and venue. The reasons why he allowed us to shop alone, was probably because of the fact that we were too *ahem* chubby to lug around, there are too many tourists wandering around PLUS I had a phone that could make calls!

After shopping for three hours without a break, me and sister had a backpack full of loots.
Met up with parents and we headed to Siam Paragon to take our dinner! I shall let the photos do the talking.

We ordered blueberry cheesecake and chocolate cheesecake because it was my sister's birthday! The staff was even so nice and sweet to sing a birthday song for her! NAISE!

Headed back to the hotel and took a quick shower, then headed down for a nice warm foot massage. No pictures anymore because I was hideous! If you are heading to Chatuchak, I advice you to wear flipflops! And go for foot massages, else your legs will be swollen like pork thighs. 

The only decent selca of the day. Denim studded shirt from Chatuchak at 200 baht. Denim skater skirt from same place at 200 baht too! I am a cheapo, but my entire outfit only costed me less than SGD20.

Of course, this isn't my entire haul! Will update them in a separate post! :D


I actually love travelling to new places and I really do admire the scenery and culture of the people in different countries. However, it is the people who I am leaving behind that makes me feel so reluctant to go ahead and enjoy. I mean, how can I enjoy when I am leaving behind my Chubby one?! It doesn't feels fair does it? So, I wish I can go overseas with him. Shall end this post abruptly. Right. Now. 

Do stay tuned to my next travelogue, BKK Day 3 ~

Until then,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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