Monday, 31 December 2012

#214; Thank you!

Now that 2012 is coming to an end, I wanted to do a reflection on all that this year has taught me and what life has given me. Okay, maybe this isn't what I usually blog about, but I thought that for a change, I would blog about something much more personal to me. And perhaps show a side of me that most wouldn't know. 

Throughout this year, I am grateful for my boyfriend, Chubby Cheeks. I know that it wasn't easy for us to meet and it sure as hell wasn't easy for us to get together. But despite all the odds, we got together. I don't really believe in destiny or fate, but heck you would, if you heard the story of how me and the chubby one gotten together. 

Even when we have gotten together, I admit that I wasn't the most perfect person to be with. Like everyone else, I have my flaws. My biggest flaws would have to be my insecurity towards everything in life. As a kid, I was the one with the frown on my face while everyone else was smiling. I was worried about anything and everything. I just couldn't relax and take it easy. Now that I am older, my greatest insecurity would have to be the sincerity and the faithfulness of my other half. Throughout my years, I have only had three serious relationship. One was broken beyond repair, because I was too immature and too doubtful of everything. The second was with a guy who hurt me countless of times, played mind games with me and cheated on me, not once, but thrice. And the third, would have to be with Chubby Cheeks and I am hoping it would last. 

My favorite peekture of us!

So, with such major trust issues, I am glad that he was able to still hold on and endure. My temper wasn't the best too. I get irritated and snappy when I am excited/warm/in pain/sudden mood swing. And somehow, Chubby Cheeks is not only understanding, but he knows when and why I am in such a mood. Pro hor? He is like a sensor. LOLOL.

To me, my boyfriend means everything. Because, I only have a handful of very close friends and they are usually busy with their own life. Albeit, without me in it. So, Chubby Cheeks is really my one and only BFFL , I can confide in him, bitch with him about people I don't like, gossip with him about mean people in the blogosphere and he would just quietly listen and give his two cents about it.
Sometimes, he comes out with witty comments and criticism that makes me laugh. 

So, here is to us. To an eternity ahead.


People who know me well, knows that I am a very family-oriented person. I spend time with my family like no one would believe. Sundays would be reserve for family outings. After school, I would have lunch with mumsy and every dinner (except Saturdays), I would have dinner with mumsy and sister.
I would describe my relationship with my mum as good. Not perfect, because we both have our own opinions on different matter in life, but it is better than nothing. My mum is like my best friend, we shop together, share our clothes and sometimes, talk about guys (mainly my dad) together.

My relationship with my dad is more of a "I-should-treat-him-better" kind of relationship. Somehow, I feel that there is a drift between us because of me. While growing up, I wasn't the most studious and obedient child and somehow I feel like I have disappointed him. He really does dote on me, always getting things that I want for me and always sending me texts asking me how school and studies are. I shall leave it as this. 

Then comes my sister. My cutest little sister. We have an age difference of 5 years, and I am the older one. But somehow, she seems to have gotten all the maturity and wisdom that should have been mine. Her taste and dressing and train of thoughts are not what you would expect from a 13 year old. On the other hand, I am the opposite of my sister. I love soft toys, would kill for anything cute and cuddly and dress up in a more neutral and soft shades of color. And yet, we confide in each other about everything under the sun. We cry with each other when she breaks up and she comforts me when I go through a rough patch in my relationship.

Perhaps the only picture where I look good when I make stupid faces. 

My sister is cool and I wouldn't want anything to change about her.


My blog and my readers are also very important to me. That includes you!
I started this blog because I wanted somewhere to pitch my thoughts and ramblings on. Also, I love to review on things that I have in this little humble blog of mine. Sometimes, I forget how a lens look or how a product fared and I would look thorough my old post. LOL. True story. 

I am glad I gotten so far through blogging. It isn't a lot, but it sure as hell was more than what I would have expected when I started my blog more than a year ago. I would also like to take this chance to be grateful to and thank my sponsorers. 

Gosh, you really are the nicest person to work with. And I love how friendly, you really are. Although you have opened tons of sprees and probably earn a lot to have your own website and over a thousand facebook fans, you aren't stuck up. In fact, my very first memories of our conversation together would have to be, when I first won a giveaway! You told me that my eyes was really pretty *blushes* Thank you for everything throughout this year! And hope that your business will thrive in the upcoming year! <3

To all my lens sponsorer, too many... really: 
Love the lenses you have sponsored me because of its comfort and authencity. All my lens sponsorer are really nice. All of them aren't stuck up and have great customer service! Some can even chat with me like old friends! LOL. 

Thank you for the chance to save some money and catch tons and tons and tons of movie like Ted and The Lorax! :D Love you guys and hope you come out with more blogger events! 


Okay la, shall end my thank you post here. Quite abrupt right?

Once again, thank you for all the positive comments and nice words of encouragement I receive from all my readers. Without you, there would be no me. I wouldn't be known as my blogging alias, Amanda Misaki, but just Amanda.

Thank you guys :')
I will be back next year with more better posts!

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