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#215; Travelogue - BKK Day 3 ~

It's finally a new year! I won't bore you with what I have achieved throughout 2012 but instead, I will complete my long due travelogue. This is the final post of my travelogue to Bangkok and I hope you guys will enjoy it. I realize that there are a lot of hits for my travelogue (considerably more than my giveaway post) and  this really motivates me to head overseas for travels more frequently! 

Bangkok Day 3
I started the day early with breakfast at the hotel that I was staying in. After breakfast, took a quick shower and prepared everything for the day ahead. It was also the day that, we were to book into a new hotel, so I had to pack my beauty corner and all my new loots into the luggage. After all was done, walked over to the pier to catch a public boat to one of the temple!

Along the whole stretch of river, there are a lot of temples but the most famous one would be the Wat Arun. Picture taken from boat, I am becoming a pro. So, the boat station is across from Wat Arun and in order to cross the river to the other side, we needed to take a ferry across. The ferry costed us 3 baht each. 

More chio photos of Wat Arun from across the river. Edited and added some filters to the photos, else they would look a little bland but the view of the temple is really good. I heard that if you were to head there to pray for wealth, you would attain it. Not sure if it is true la, but I wanted more money and gotten a raise in my allowance as well as more sponsorship for 2013! :D

Got down from the ferry and the tourist immediately flock everywhere. This shot would have been awesome if there weren't so many tourist :<
I took quite a few shots of the exterior before I entered the temple grounds.

Haha spot daddy taking photo. LOLOL!
This is inside the temple ground. I took a very cutesy shot of him and the Buddha. Both have really big tummy. But I won't post it up here without his permission.

There are actually two levels to the Wat Arun (?). I only managed to clear a level because I was too scared. The steps was freaking steep. I kid you not. It was like a straight ascent upwards and I didn't even know how to get down from the steps.

See what I mean. I whatsapp Chubby Cheeks a photo of the steep stairs because I was quite proud of myself for making it, thus far. Mumsy and dad got to the second level.

After finishing the sight seeing at Wat Arun, we took the ferry back across the river and gotten a light lunch. Had Phad Thai again along with some coke in glass bottle! :D Also had my favorite tangerine juice!
Our next stop was the Royal Palace. I have been there when I was a small kid but I can't remember my trip there. 

By this time, the weather was so friggin hot and I was grumpy like there was no tomorrow. My feet also hurt so much having shop for over four hours non-stop at Chatuchak. So here are some shots below. I realized that Thais love to have a vibrant hue of colors all round as you can see from the pictures later on!

Apparently, the emperor of Thai was so impressed by Angkor Wat that he built a miniature version. All of the details were so intricate. Ahhhhhh... 

So we continued walking and there were all this statue around, apparently covered in gold. I overheard this conversation between a local tour guide and the two Caucasian tourist that she was taking. 
She told the tourist, that the statue were "guards" for the Emperor. And she ended off her sentence by pointing at a nearby statue and commenting "Chicken man". That was the joke of the day.

After touring the Grand Palace, I was utterly beat. My legs were so sore that they felt like someone ran them over. We took the boat back, collect our luggages from the hotel and took a cab to our new hotel! :D

Arrived at the hotel which was a sort of service apartment! Super classy and atas PLUS it was so close to so many malls including Platinum mall.
As always, dad booked two rooms. I shared a room with sister and when we got into the room... OMFG. 
My mountain tortoise mood was on. 

Must take picture of the atas toilet. There is a window next to the bath tub that overlooks into the room with the bed in it. Technically not a room, considering how everything is in one whole room. But you get my drift? So I could watch TV while soaking in the bath tub. The best thing was.... there is cable TV there! FTW. Watch a lot of adventure time.....

Tiny kitchen corner with a fridge, sink, stove and some pans! Very nice!
Actually took more photos of the room to show Chubby and told him that this was my ideal concept of a house! 

View from my hotel room!

After resting and washing up, we headed out to some nearby mall to eat dinner and shop. I swear their malls has the cutest decorations ever! Not to mention there were alot of famous stores there such as Topshop, Starbucks, Robinsons and so on. Plus, there was a Mcdonald nearby. And the cutest thing about McDonald was that, they had no apple pie... Instead they sold Pineapple Pie all year round. YES!

Ending off this post with the cutest party penguin ever! I honestly love Bangkok because of the shopping, the nightlife and the culture and would love to visit again with Chubby Cheeks!
This post is more of a culture-wise one and I thought I would shop somemore but I didn't because the stores that dad brought us to, were so friggin pricey. So that was too bad....

I hope you enjoy my travelogue to Bangkok and do look forward to more post this year! PLUS, If you haven't heard and join yet, join my giveaway at my Facebook page! Like and Share contest is ending in a few days time and it is opened to international readers! Don't like to like and share? No problem? Just do a twitter shoutout and hashtag me in it! :D

Much loves and kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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