Monday, 7 January 2013

#216; Your dream come true

Hey Sweeties!
I am back with a new advertorial featuring, my all-time favorite accessory store, Cute Little Strawberries. I remember telling Chubby Cheeks that "even if CLS didn't sponsor me, I will still be their #1 fan" and I can always count on Cute Little Strawberries to spree pretty and chio accessories at not only the most affordable prices but with the best of service. Now you think that I might be bluffing you or bias, but I kid you not. Just head to their Facebook page and you will see that she always have the most cheerful of updates and the best feedback! Furthermore, they don't put on airs and treat everyone of their customer with wonderful customer service (machiam you are princess or prince like that).

Tiny rant here: I don't get Facebook pages that have a million and one likes but their attitude towards their customer sucks plus they don't care about you. Like whut. Those customers were the ones who made you so popular in the first place. 
Okay, enough ranting, I will now proudly show off what I have gotten from their spree! :D

I may have mentioned this before, but I just love how CLS places their accessories in plastic containers. This protects breakage from the handling at the post office. Plus, all your orders are mailed in strong polymailer so no need to worry that your mail will be ripped open or whatever! Absolutely no worries at all!

This time round, I went crazy and ordered tons of arm candy for my chubby arm. I swear their bracelet catalogue makes me drool. Can you believe all those above for $4 each inclusive of normal postage?! Can you? And yes, you spotted correctly, they are selling Chanel Inspired earrings at $4 each too. I spotted another blogshop selling at $25, same design somemore. Wtf.

In fact, I thought these two looks so good together in photo that they practically scream "I am atas" in a nasal Chanel-y kind of way. So, without further ado, I shall introduce my loots one by one.

The ever so popular spike bracelet. I have the spike necklace too (Also from Cute Little Strawberries) and I love how pretty the gold is. The tip isn't sharp, so you won't have to worry about spearing yourself to death.

Modelling out the spike bracelet on my chubby arm. I thought these would go well with a studded leather bracelet but I don't have one *grumbles*. So I made do with the diamond x cross ones.

The pretty diamond x cross! Definitely a must have for girls who likes some bling on your arm! Super sparkly and catches your attention, this will definitely make you stand out.

How I would wear it. Again, I guess this would go well with a black studded leather bracelet for a mode look. Classy and elegant, I like.

Another cross bracelet. Okay, I will have to admit that this is my favorite piece! Because it dangles, goes well with my pretty vintage watch PLUS when the charms hit against each other, there is this "tinkly" sounds like laughing fairies. I make no sense.
Don't believe how pretty this is?

Chio or what? I swear this is Tumblr-worthy...

And I posted this on my Instagram and gotten 12 likes over the course of 30 mins. More so than the pretty photos I took in BKK.... D; 
Keep an eye out for this piece, it is a definite MUST-BUY.

And I posted up a sneak peek of the accessories I have gotten from Cute Little Strawberries on my page, a few days back. I said that there were something for the guys too. Well, here it is! 
CLS offers a wide range of accessories in different colors. I spotted this peace one and thought Chubby Cheeks would look so asdfghjkl in it. So I went ahead and got matching ones for both of us! :D
So girls, if you are doing some shopping at CLS, why not be thoughtful and get something for your guy too? I bet he will love it plus love you more!

A blurry picture of our hands! Proudly showing off the arm candies. 
When I told Chubby that I need a picture for the advert, he got so hyped up and repeatedly told me "my hand is going to be on the advert, my pretty hands!". He was so very enthusiastic when I told him to keep still so I could take a photo.

 My wrist looks super chubby.. wtf.
Chubby's hands are also (obviously) chubby but he gek out all the veins and bones one. 
Cheat people.

Now, I swear those bracelets above are of superb quality. They are made of really tough string and one size fits all! So no worries that you might not be able to wear them because you can adjust the width of the bracelet by pulling the two strings apart! Picture is shown above! Pretty darn handy for my chubby arms.

This suede (?) rose red bracelet is super pretty! Even little sister said it was pretty!
The striking red goes really well the gold chain and makes for a nice touch among all the other arm candies that I have gotten!

The detail at the clasp of the bracelet is also super cool. A grinning skeleton head!

How it looks like on my hands along with my peace bracelet! 
This combination would go really well for a dress down day!
Else, take away the peace bracelet and the classy red x black x gold will make for a nice touch to your overall outfit.

Last but definitely not the least, would be the much anticipated Chanel Inspired earrings! :D
Pretty aren't they? *contented sigh*
I thought I make them look particularly beautiful!

How they look on me! Noticeable yet not too overwhelming. This has become my favorite pair of earrings to wear for a classy and atas look! Another must get!

Now, if you are thinking of getting anything from Cute Little Strawberries (seriously, don't even think, just start shopping already!). Their #27 spree will open.........

on the 8-17th of January! Bookmark their website and note this down on your phone or schedule book (like I did) ! :D
8th will be the day to start shopping at Cute Little Strawberries!

You can take a look at their catalogs right now and decide on what to order. I have already browse through and this time round, they have.... 30 friggin pages of necklaces, 15 pages of bracelet and much more. They have about 1300+ items for you to choose!

So, go ahead and shop away because their prices are so darn reasonable! Prices ranging from $2-6All items are inclusive of normal postage and if you order above $25, you will be entitled to free registered postage! *runs around*
Also, like their Facebook page for the latest updates on spree PLUS first hand notice of giveaway!

Ending off with a selca that I took on Saturday using my iPhone.

Have fun sweeties!
Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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