Thursday, 10 January 2013

#217; The Annoying Facebook people

I actually wanted to do a haul post or a lens review but my new loots are in the wash :/
And I have conjunctivitis after wearing expired contact lenses. Wore my lenses to school and they were so dry and even after spamming eye drops, my eyes were all red and itchy... Remember sweeties, no lenses can last for a year. Yes, online sellers claim that the lenses they sell can last for a year. It is a lie! Yes, you may wear your lenses for one year if you wish, but if you want to get conjunctivitis and risk losing your eyesight, then by all means! The most you can wear contact lenses for, are 1-3 months. So, don't say I never warn you hor!

Getting back to the topic at hand...
To make up for the lack of updates, I shall post a rant post on the different kind of people, you may encounter on Facebook. 

Have you ever went on to Facebook and met these kind of people? Or are you guilty of being like them? 

Le Desperadoes. 
These people are the scum of Facebook and are most often characterized as the type that loves to badger members of the opposite sex. Examples of a typical post on their Facebook would be.
"Who wants to be my sex partner?", "Inbox me your number" and "I need a girlfriend". They don't care if you are single, gay, lesbian, married, engaged, divorced, widowed or dog. Once they think they have a chance to hit up on you, they will. 
I am often harassed by people like these and would like to troll them and make fun of them. Because people like these, are generally not good looking and their english is atrocious. A word of advice for these people: Facebook is for you to make friends. You want a girlfriend? Jolly well shut down your laptop and find for a girlfriend in the real world :) OR, You can just be best friends with your left hand for life :3

Yea, totally describes your forever alone life with your virtual non-existent girlfriend/boyfriend.

Or more commonly known as the "I-have-left-my-account-open-so-that-my-gay-friends-can-post-gay-statuses-about-me". *Gasp for air* (That was a pretty darn long sentence, try saying that in one breath).  They aren't that annoying. On a scale of 1-10, I would probably rate them a 1. Unless of course, they start to post 10 statuses at one go about loving man boobs and other crude stuff.

Probably how your friends look when they post such statuses. LOL. Look how irritating you are.

Don't get me wrong, I love blogshopping. I once own an account on Facebook for me to sell things and do preorder, so I don't dislike ALL blogshop. But some blogshop owners are really too much. They constantly tag you in a million and one photos, when you kindly tell them to remove the tags, they will tell you to "take them down yourself lor". So, I will... Take down the tag, visit their profile and click on the unfriend button. Sorry, but if you are so darn rude to me, you don't deserve to earn my money.

Attention-seeking xiao mei mei/xiao di di
I really dislike this category of people. I hate their statuses and hate everything about them. They love to post status about their lovelife, "Heartbroken </3", "I am crying now </3" and generally things that no one really cares about. I have a Facebook friends who does just that. 

Every day, she will countdown to the dates when she would supposedly have "operation". And please, not once a month but 5-6 times a month. I would think that you are dead by now. But why are you still alive? Plus, a day after one of her "operation", she goes drinking. So cool. No need to go for observation? Bitch please, you are obviously a lying fuck. (Sorry, I don't have a good impression of her after she added all my guy friends PLUS my boyfriend. Kindly go to the nearest coconut tree and dance around it).


Punctuation whats that
Quite annoying when I see people posting long long rants on Facebook without a single punctuation. If you haven't encountered these people, then you are so darn lucky. Try this for starters: "Today hor i went to the cinema and wanted to catch a movie but only got 5:01pm timing so i bought that then i saw my friend and my friend want to watch with me so i accompany her to the cinema and bought the tickets haha the movie was nice leh really nice worth watching must watch ok". 

My name is "Amanda everytimeIgotothehappyparkforfunjoypeaceandlaughter Sea"
Ever seen one of these people? Yea..... Somehow, I always envision them to be like this:

"Like = $5, Share = $10" Well, wtf.
I really don't get these. So they post tons of picture that invoke sympathy and feelings of anger and sadness for a person or a poor abused pets. And if you like and share or comment on those picture, you can help make a difference to their life? Really, wtf. So I boycott these photos unless I really like them. Because, I believe that if I like and Share or comment on the photo, I won't make a difference to their lives or stop the abuse of pets. What I do help, is donate more money to the Mark Zuckerberg's pocket fund. 

Okay, that is all for the part 1 of my rant on annoying Facebook people. I hope you like this post and do comment below if you would want part 2 to be up! :D
I shall continue to post more entertaining post so do stay tuned to this space~
Credits: All 9Gag meme from Google :3

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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