Monday, 14 January 2013

#218; NOTM and updates!

I was grappling with eye infection since Wednesday. °•ू(ᵒ̴̶̷᷄дᵒ̴̶̷᷅*•ू)°。੭ੇʓ ੭ੇʓ Although the infection has subsided, I'll be keeping an "eye" out for further complications that may arise (pun intended).  
Not sure what cause the eye infection. Mumsy thought it was the eyelash glue that I was using cause I was flaking on my eyelids, like as if my eyelids had a serious bout of dandruff. I googled because I was seriously freaked, and found out that it might be my contact lenses causing the infection.

So, to be on the safe side, I stayed off the lenses and the pretty makeup.

Headed out to town with glasses and shades and felt so ugly with them   It has been so long, since I wore spectacles out so I wasn't use to it at all   Even though かれ (Chubby Cheeks) say I look okay, I just want to hide behind some walls!  

Actually wore my glasses to school too and I felt so odd.

Photo of the day     
Posted this on my instagram too! Do follow me there, @amandamisaki ~

Also had my nails done that day at Chanel's Place! I swear she is the best manicurist ever! Knows what I want, even better than I know it myself. 
She started taking off the previous Gellish I had and then proceeded to discuss with me about the different shades of pink and nudes that I would love to use on my nails. She managed to transform my nails from sob story to something so darn perfect in an hour and a half. 

The florals are some realistic Japanese Nail stickers and I added lace. Note the pinky! There is a tiny silver line! Super classy okay! 
This whole set of nails costed me $48! Inclusive of buffering, cuticle shaping. Definitely cheaper than other home-based nail salon~
Can't wait for the next session with her!  

Also, posted this on my instagram but thought I would post it up here too!

Gotten this pretty pastel dustcap from instashop, @lookbooksg
Do check them out for pretty pastel, macaroon and cupcakes dustcap! Prices range from $4-12. Honestly think it is so affordable, considering you get a chio af dustcap PLUS a free pastel bracelet worth $1! Okay la, $1 only what, you might say...
BUT, it is a freebie okay. Every freebie counts.
I love my pastel dustcap so much that I splurge on a cupcake x pastel dustcap.
Oh, did I mention, they sell My Little Pony dustcap. Not those conventional ones, but ones with pastel bracelet and sweet ribbons! OMFG okay!
Go see! Super affordable~
(Super tempted to get their pretty pony dustcap, wtf)

Alright, I shall end here.
I hope you enjoy this tiny update of mine and I apologise for the grainy photos!
Until next time!

Amanda Misaki Sea

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