Friday, 18 January 2013

#219; Not-So massive Haul post

Hello! :D
I am back with a not so massive haul post. At first, I wanted to take photos of all the loots that I have gotten from Bangkok but I thought it wouldn't look too good for my clothes to be on the floor or the bed... And then I wanted to take a whole load of photos of me in my new loots to create an outfit post, but I had crappy hair that was....Unspeakable.

So, I gave up. You guys will have to follow me on Instagram or on my mobile Japanese blog (in which, I still type random updates about my life in English) and I will post random OOTDs with my hauls! Do look out for them! 

Now, without further ado, here is my not-so massive but still a considerable size of shopping. These are accumulated in the month of December and January and I have been trying to cut down on my expenditure. I swear.

Gotten all these from Cute Little Strawberries! Can check out the advert I did for them here, plus how I pair these accessories for an edgy and versatile look.

Gotten these from Bangkok for super cheap. I think it was less than SGD 1 for 1. And all of them look so elegant and sweet!

I especially adore the light pink floral one because they remind me of Chanel. Those atas kind. In fact, I was so proud of them, that I wore them out quite frequently.

Next up, I bought these three adorable Rilakkuma series iPhone home button! They look like those things for crocs shoes but they were cute... So I went ahead and got them online for $4 for a pack of three. Cheaper than most conventional home button. Somemore mine is 3D one.

My current favorite store of all time! Lookbooksg~
This is an instashop selling all sorts of cute, pastel stuff. They have the cutest and most affordable MLP dustcap. Everytime I browse through her instashots, I would unconsciously feel this urge to own every single pastel thing that she has to offer.

Here is what I have gotten from the very first purchase that I have made with her. Ignore the home buttons.. they just crave for attention.

How the pastel dustcap that I have ordered, looks on my phone. Chio right?! Wtf. Handmade somemore....

And she gave me this freebie, a pastel bracelet which is adorable. Too darn adorable.
I was so impressed with the neat packaging that I placed another order with her for....

This cutie cupcake!
Isn't it the sweetest thing ever?!

And this is how it looks on my phone. How can anything be so chio. Make my phone feel so young and sweet all at once! Go support her okay? 

With all good holidays, I will always haul back food. And this time round, I spotted Rilakkuma Milk Chocolate! Not sure if it is good but the packaging is what enticed me. I almost died on the spot.

Also, the other day, I came back from Bangkok with a craving for honey sticks! And I gotten three packs. One for Chubby, I stole his box after he was done and two boxes for me! The first on the left was the one that I gotten the last time round. 

Couldn't stop myself because of the packaging behind and in front... I truly am a sucker for all things cute, pretty and pink.
And since we are at the subject of Rilakkuma, I wanted to show off my new Rila hauls.

My two new addition to the Rilakkuma family! Xmas 2012 edition~ Aren't they cute? Plus, Chubby Cheeks gotten me one more in a different edition. However I think they are photo shy, so no pictures of them. 

Also bought a bendable Rilakkuma. And here he is, showing off his exercise moves.

Okay, for beauty. I feel dumb. But I bought this slimming patch thing. Wtf. 
They claimed that the patch will suppress hunger and I am currently using one. So I am not sure whether it would work, but I will try them out and then post a review on them! :D

Pretty Jewelove in No. 7 lashes! These became my favorite lashes. At first, I thought they would be too overwhelmingly obvious but they were pretty and darn comfy too!

I honestly don't think I can go one month without looking at lenses or craving for them. Got couple lenses with Chubby! Luxury 12 in grey! :> Opening them soon, then I will do a review for them!

My very first Princess Mimi series lenses in their atas packaging! Bought online for quite a hefty price and it was worth every dollar because there was express shipping plus this series of lenses that I was looking for was so darn hard to find.

Known as the Starmish lenses and produced by Mai, these caught my eye... Literally!

Can't wait to open them and try them out, but I shall resist the temptation as I have too many opened lenses. 
And with this, I shall conclude this haul post. I hope you enjoy my haul post as much as I love showing off my hauls. 

If you wish to know where to get various items, just tweet me/formspring me or leave a comment below this post and I will get back to you as soon as I can! :D

Amanda Misaki Sea

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