Thursday, 24 January 2013

#221; Review - Super Barbie Bambi Blue

Hey sweets!
I am back with a new lens review. A while back, I have been battling with a minor eye infection for the longest time, and these are the lenses that I go to after my eyes were recovered because they were so comfortable and wearable. However, they were starting to hurt my eyes a little (must be because they are about a month old now) so I will do a review on before disposing them.

Today's review will be on the Super Barbie Bambi Blue that I have gotten a while back and only opened them last month. So without further ado, let's get started on the review~

I didn't have any photo of the lenses in their vials but here they are in their lens casing. A pretty blue that looks noticeable!

Here are the lenses in normal room lighting. Not a very visible blue but more of a dark blue which is pretty!

Under harsh lighting, they make my eyes appear so darn pretty!

Under flash lighting, the blue turns a little grey but still looks really pretty!

Ignore the slightly pink and watery eyes, I have been wearing my lenses for too long...

Overall, here are my verdict on them! :D

Comfort: They are really very comfortable and I can wear them for over eight hours without needing eye drops. However, after a month of usage they tend to get a little irritated on my eye. I am not sure whether it's because of the lenses or because I wore them from before I got my eye infection, and somehow they are contaminated. 

Color: The color under normal lighting isn't really that obvious. Under the harsh lighting however, the color is superbly obvious and pretty! I guess you can see from the above picture!~

Enlargement: Love the enlargement on these pretty lenses! They are very noticeable and enlarges my irises a great deal. However, it doesn't look too overly huge and it is really very pretty, don't you think?

Verdict: They are my favorite pair of lenses for the month. However, they are expired so I am disposing them for Super Barbie Bambi Brown, which I will most likely review next month before they expire! :D I wouldn't buy these lenses again, not because they aren't comfortable, but because the color just doesn't really appeal to me? I prefer a more obvious shade of blue and therefore, I shall hunt for the perfect blue lenses!

A very grainy photo of me from my iPhone cammy :/

So, I hope you have enjoyed this review and do continue to stay in tune for more updates and posts! :D

Much love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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