Sunday, 27 January 2013

#222; Of random musings

I am so so sorry that I haven't been updating as much as I want to. This month has been a really busy one for me. First of, I had so many projects due then I fell sick and was too lazy to take photos because I thought I look ugly. I don't have any new content for now so bear with me for a few more days and I promise I will update more in February. On the other hand, today's post will be filled with random updates of my life so far.

Ate chocolate cookies from Ikea. These are so darn good and sinful. 

A few days back, I had my very first bottle of Bird nest and didn't quite like them. Probably because I didn't like the texture and it tasted a little lime-ish. But I won't complain because it is supposedly beneficial to my skin. *flaunts skin*

I found some collagen samples awhile back and I will try them out before reviewing them! Hope that the samples will make a difference, albeit a little, to my skin or hair. 

Ginger steamed egg dessert from IMM. I have been eating lots of warm food such as soup and rice, warm almond paste and etc., because I am having gastric and my stomach just can't accept cold stuff anymore. Le sigh. 
I hope I get better soon.

Posted this on Instagram. California temaki and chawanmushi from Sakae sushi plus Genmai cha. 
Definitely overate last sunday....

On a side note, I have been using this Korean slim patch thing  

Not entirely sure if it works and was quite skeptical because it was just a small little patch with a magnet in the center  
However, I have used two patches and I have to say that my appetite really got maintain!  

Usually, I'll have a bowl of rice for dinner and then get hungry by midnight (´ヘ`;)
However, after using the patch, I don't feel hungry at all. Plus it eliminates my cravings for fried food, sweet stuff and good food (๑´ڡ`๑)

Of course, if you place a plate of good food in front of me, I'll eat it! But now, the cravings for food has subsided to a bare minimum 
So I'm really proud of myself! Or the patches  

I shall continue to try them out and if they are really good, I'll do a review on them, plus buy somemore!  

Been having cold feet nowadays so I gotten a pair of my trusty Daiso fluffy socks to keep me warm. 
For only $2, you can keep your feet warm and comfy. PLUS, the feeling when you take them off after a good night sleep is......

Take a look at the tons of diary stickers to decorate my planner and make them look oh so cute!
I bought them from Malaysia a few years back and haven't gotten around to using them until now.

A random selca from two weeks back. Headed out with le chubby one for a date out and this was when I was home. x.x 
I am not posting much about Chubby, not because me and him got into quarrels or whatsoever. I just thought that my relationship should be private as it's between me and him. Of course, I would talk about him from time to time but I just don't feel it appropriate to post each and every single thing about him here. I learnt from other bloggers that, constantly updating your blog and twitter about your boy isn't a good thing. There just isn't enough privacy. So... yea!

Found this photo of the Typo version of the Cambridge satchel bag. Honestly love this! However, it is sad that this is really really pricey. And I have too many bags, so I thought I could do without this... Picture credits to Google :3

Some selcas from Saturday when I headed out to watch Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters with the Chubby one. We booked our tickets at Vivo and caught the movie there. Really nice. Although the fighting scenes were a bit unrealistic, the overall plot and movie was interesting! Worth watching for the cool weapons that they have!


Ending off with a chio photo of my legs and Liz Lisa inspired 3 way bag! Any one wants a detailed product review on it? :D

Alright, I hope you guys stay tuned to this space and I will be back with a new post as soon as I can! 
P.S; I am watching 71 into the fire now and it is really good. Ah, TOP...
Also, pardon the tiny photo size. I took all the above with my iPhone 4 camera... :/

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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