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#223; Advertorial - All-Queens, pretty eyes all year round!

Hello sweethearts!
I am really sorry for the lack of update as I was busy with my end of year project ェェェェ(☍д⁰)
Today's post will be on beautiful and pretty eyes all year round with All-Queens!
They are the proud sponsors of Miyake and I'm so glad that I get to do an advertisement for them! (۶•౪•)۶

I told the owner of All-Queens/Babydoll of my order, and after waiting for a little while, I gotten my lenses in my letterbox of love! (•◡-) 
(I look so bageh here plus the shadow from my hair made me look as if I had weird smile lines...pfft)
Riuriu from All-Queens was so sweet to drop me a text after my lenses were mailed out to me:

See see! :D Quality service okay! Not a lot of blogshop owners will still bother to text/contact after they mailed the items. You have to continuously check their Facebook page for updates or chase them for tracking number/proof of postage.

And if you are thinking: "So what? She wants to give you a good impression that's why she gives you better service *insert angst face here*" 
NOPE! All-Queens really does provide quality service. I use to buy a lot of Candydoll/Dollywink cosmetics from Babydoll (Also owned by RiuRiu) and she will tell me when my parcel has been mailed out as well as attached proof of postage in an email attachment. So sweet okay!

With All-Queens, you never would have to worry about chasing for your proof of postage! They will send it to you via MMS without chasing for it.

Here is a look of what I have ordered!
Kimchi Bambi Brown and DollyEye Pop. C Light Blue. Both models are super pretty. The lenses that they feature are also so chio!

And here are the vials with my chio lenses! All-Queens even provided free lens casing!
See the Minnie Mouse there, yep, that's me feeling so loved by them 

Pop C. Light Blue! 
The design looks like GEO Angel Series blue, however, the color is extremely light!

The ever so cute Kimchi bottles! They are much tinier than the conventional vials that most lenses come in and make for a good collection of tiny tiny bottles!
Color is much much brighter than the GEO/Super Barbie/Luxury ones!


Since I had tons of opened lenses, I decided it wouldn't hurt for me to open one more!
And so, I will be reviewing the DollyEye Pop C. Light Blue lenses! 

Here they are in their cute little casing!
Super pretty aren't they? The color is really pretty!
I actually wondered if these lenses would show up on my eyes and I was pretty worried it wouldn't.
(Pfft, dark Asian eyes (☍д⁰) )

And I was so glad it turned out..... *anticipate the pictures below*

Don't you think♥.

So, here is my verdict on them!

They are a very noticeable shade of blue under normal room lighting and definitely under sunlight. And are especially vibrant under harsh lighting or flash. These lenses are recommended for people who love obvious lenses and I love them so darn much! 

They are really comfortable and I could wear them for 8 hours straight without the need for eye drops! However, this might not apply to other people who have more sensitive eyes, though I think mine are pretty sensitive!
Wore them straight from the vials after I opened them and no problems at all!

The enlargement is noticeable but not too big! Not my biggest circle lenses but does do my small tiny pupils some justice! I guess this is the only part where the lenses are lacking. However, it makes up for the lack of enlargement with the comfort factor and its vibrant and obvious shade of blue.

I love them! And really, I would love to get the brown ones to try out (I am a sucker for brown lenses :/). These lenses are definitely worth purchasing and I am saying this not because this is an advertorial/sponsored post but because, these are truly awesome!

I put in extra effort! 
I did a video of the lenses under sunlight and harsh room lighting so you can see how they look like in real life. However, the video is giving me some problem, so when I'm done with the upload, I will put it up here!

It's probably not the best one out there, but...

So, don't you wait any longer!

Their spree is from the 8th February till the 8th March!
And here is the price list:

Not tempting you enough?
Well, they have brands such as Domi eye lens (Diamond 3 tone), Fynale Lens, Prodigurls (Fynale), Luxury Babe, I.Fairy, Kimchi, Super barbie and DollyEye lenses!
So many brands to choose from, you would be so spoilt for choice okay! 

Buy with your friends and get them at a cheaper rate! So nice 

Hope you guys love these advertorial and there will be a part 2 when I open my Kimchi Bambi Brown lenses this month! So stay tuned to this space!

All-Queens lenses make me feel so pwetty that this post has waaay too many selcas ._____.

Amanda Misaki Sea


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