Thursday, 7 February 2013

#224; Of Pastel, Marshmallow and Gold

Do you have a soft spot for handmade things? Especially handmade, quality accessories?
Well today, you guys are in luck! Because I will be introducing some pretty and extremely chio handmade accessories @ an affordable price.

The sweet owner of Rainbow Mochi approached me for an advertorial and her replies were so courteous! Mad love! I bet she treats all her customer with Tender Loving Care, even more reasons to shop with them~
No believe me? 

Sweet right? I just love it when blogshop owner treat me like a friend, make me feel so love. Not only that, Rainbow Mochi emphasizes on quality service too! So, if you think there could be any improvements to be made with regards to her handmade woven bracelet, you can drop Rainbow Mochi an email or search for them on Facebook!

To make my life easier (choosing a shade of pretty color is really tedious because I am so fickle-minded), Rainbow Mochi put in a link to Etsy where there are tons of woven chain bracelet at mad crazy high pricing. Click to enlarge the photos! Prices range from $12+ to about $20 for one bracelet! Not inclusive of shipping fees....

Here is their color palette for the threads that they currently have! Now you see why I had such a headache choosing my desired shades?! I want all the pink and mint green and baby blue color .____.
To make your life easier too, you can search through Etsy or Google, and submit the photo of your desired woven chain bracelet to them for customization! That is how sweet they are! Plus, if their extensive color palette does not have the shade of color that you want, you may request for them to bring them in!

Rainbow Mochi mailed out my items via AM mail and I received it the very next day! *thumbs up* It only took them around 2-3 days to finish making 3 pretty bracelet and I was so excited to receive them.

Wrapped up in a secure handmade bubble wrap bag to prevent damage while shipping. I love bubble wrap! *poppop* Their logo is also super cute and sweet *squeals* I swear the bubble wrap bag that they handmade is so handy! I am using it now to contain all my new lens bottle, in case they break while I am travelling.

To add on, each bracelet comes in a pretty drawstring bag! Perfect for gifts for your friend. And GUYS, you could get this for your girlfriend during Valentine! She would love you to bits okay? It looks and feel classy enough to be given as a gift as it is handmade and extremely lovely. No joke, I personally feel that if you choose the appropriate color combination, it could go well with everything!

Anyway, here is what I customized! :D

I chose some pastel purple and greens that look so cute together, I really love lilac and mint green :>
Then I chose some pink, greens and yellow to make it look like a marshmallow. You know, those kind of twisted pastel colored marshmallow. Yeap, love them!
The last bracelet, I chose to mix a golden thread with a darker blue and peacock green to make it look more elegant and classy! Goes well with black outfit to add that extra dash of color!

(The title of this post, more or less sums up what threads I chose for my pretty pretty armcandies~)

Besides customizing the color of the threads, you could request to add on additional loops at no extra cost! I requested to add in two more loops because I thought my wrist was extra chubby but I should have just stuck to the length that they recommend :< Now it's a little too big for my wrists. Nevertheless, still really pretty!

With all their hand woven chain bracelet, there is a tiny brown tag attached and I swear this looks so "high-class". Seriously, which handmade online retail store will bother to include tags like this? So far, none :)

The following pictures are photos of these pretty armswag when worn! :D Image-intensive as I had a fun time snapping tons of pretty picture with them on!

My picture collection got convince you to buy these lovely armcandies a not?! But I seriously swear that they are the best bracelet for photo taking, took so many photos with them on and they all look so darn pretty and Tumblr inspired!

And.... *drumroll please*
They only cost $10.90 mailed for a set of gold/silver chain with up to 3 color threads. If you think it is a little pricey, you may want to know why you should consider getting them:
- They look pretty, and the right combination of colors can match your entire wardrobe!
- The gold/silver chain are made of extremely good material! Usually, faux gold accessories would turn into some bronze/rose gold because I sweat on them while climbing the stairs to reach the bus stop. LOL. So far, the gold chains that I gotten has shown no signs of wear! They look so new that they can still sparkle and gleam!
- They cost more expensive on Etsy!
- They come with the cutest tiny bag~
- Definitely durable! I am a very chor lor (rough) person and so far, countless accessories, geek spects and electronic devices has fallen prey to my suayness (badluckamanda) and chorlor-ness. I can therefore, proudly say that these are a MUST-BUY for your accessory collection!

Girls, these are premium bracelet! Buy one for your mum/sister/bff and I swear they will love it!
Guys, buy this for your girlfriend. She will love you to bits plus you won't appear cheapskate because the workmanship and quality of the bracelet is extremely good!

So, you know where to go for awesome handmade armcandies?

Yep that's right... RAINBOW MOCHI~

Connect with them! :D

Don't wait till the last minute! Go place your order for these armcandies now! 
And did I mention that they are having a 40% storewide PLUS if you get more than one bracelet, you can get discounts!
Makes me so darn tempted to get a few more pastel ones :/

I hope you enjoy this post and I will be back as soon as I can with more new stuff ^~^

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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