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#225; Happy Chinese New Year!

Hey Sweets!
I am back from my Chinese new year holidays with a new post and I do sincerely apologize for the long wait in between posts as I was away in Malaysia plus my finals are here. But I promise I will try to update in between my revisions!
Today's post will be about the Chinese New Year. And for my Overseas reader, this festival is similar to Christmas/Thanksgiving.

This year, famfam headed back to Malaysia for the festivities as CNY fell on my study break and I didn't have to attend any lectures. We headed back on a Thursday and reached Kuala Lumpur during the dinner time.

Rested for a night at my uncle's house and he brought us for dinner at this restaurant filled with noisy Cantonese (not being racist, I am a Cantonese too and I am noisy.... but if you were there....)

After having dinner, we headed back to uncle's house and he passed my dad a bag of photo albums with my mum and dad wedding photos as well as photos of when I was a little derp. Look at me, how cute is my cheeks? I was a chubby thing! 

After spending hours gushing over how cute I was, I showered and headed to bed. The next morning, ate and then famfam drove to Grandma's house, which is an hour drive away from Penang. I was so forgetful that I left my pink cute water bottle at my uncle's place....asdfghjkl. Someone buy me a new bottle please.

Nothing interesting about the ride to Grandma's place, except that it took hell long and that we almost gotten into a car accident but I was sleeping and didn't even see all the action. Pfft. I am a pig. 

Hueska (cousin, not her actual name) came back later that evening and we were hungry so there was supper! Mine was curry! :D I love curry hot cup maggie. It just taste so divine that I can't even describe it. 

Next day, dad bought a remote controlled toy helicopter from Penang (Y U SO CHILDISH?!) and we headed to the garden to give it a test flight.

The sun was setting and it was absolutely beautiful! I swear Grandma's place is perfect if the weather wasn't that warm all the time!

Dad and his remote controlled helicopter! We were all so fascinated and albeit a tad scared when the helicopter flew too close to us. Too much final destination wtf.

Reunion dinner was steamboat and bbq meat with cheese and black pepper sausage! 

After clearing up the dining area and getting soaked, I helped my mum make Tangyuan! :D These are pink flour that symbolizes longevity and reunion. Super yums, I love traditional tangyuan.

After shower, headed out to play with firecrackers and pop pop. LOL. These crackling pop pop that I am holding goes off when you throw them on the ground! And the Happy Boom ones just boom. There is also a spinning one which is super friggin bright and flashes like club lights.



CNY Day 1, we all woke up early to prepare ourselves! For day 1, I wore a maroon Peplum top from H&M and maroon highwaisted shorts from New Look. Went to bai nian (house visiting) and got lots of ang pow as well as snacking so much.... 

Saw this on instagram but still couldn't control myself...
I hereby embark on the voyage of fatness and will never look
I actually took an OOTD, but feel that my face is too fat. Oh why must calories show up so fast.

So here is a picture of my pretty feet in a wedges I bought from awhile back! These are my favorite pair although they are pricey, but worth the comfort. I could run in these (and look like an ostrich).

At the local mall, we stopped for some food. Blackwood cafe has some nice coffee but the food was so-so. It looks appetizing though and has a nice atmosphere. And looks pretty for photo taking (there is a wall filled with sticky notes which add to the Tumblr feel).

Camwhored a lot and then went to another mall to eat. (I iz fat)

The next few days of the new year was albeit a bit boring. I went to the waterfall (no pictures as I didn't want to risk losing my phone) and had a bath in ice cold water. Went to a resort to stay and accidentally broke the bed (I blame the carbs and fats)


Hauls! :D 
I love this section!

So, here is what I have gotten from Malaysia!

Two single eyeshadow palette from Face Shop for less than SGD $20 for both! :D
One is a pretty shade of coral while the other one is a matt brown which reminds me of Naked palette.
I also bought my ever lovable makeup cleanser which was really cheap there!

Baby Lips tinted lip balm from Guardian. It retails for RM7.90 which is less than SGD 4 here! WTF. I love lip balm! This was advertised as tinted and would give your lips a little color but it was all a lie. 
However, I am not complaining because I have a new lip balm in neon orange packaging! :D 
So I wouldn't lose sight of it in my handbag :x

From SG!

Received this pair of Puffy 3 tone blue from Uniqso after winning their Valentine's giveaway with Chubby Cheeks! :D
Thank you to those who have helped me like my entry! Have yet to open this because I am obsessed and totally in love with my Starmish lenses!

Received this four small rement from Jemolian's store on Facebook, for my DIY cream casing which I said I would do, but have delegated and postpone until now... I swear I will do it this coming holidays! I swear!

That's all for my hauls and my random chinese new year post! :D
How did you guys spend the new year? Do let me know in the comment box below!

My ugly smile lines...

And if you don't like to see my face, here is a blur picture of some cute puppies and their fluffy ass.

Much love, 
Amanda Misaki Sea


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