Friday, 22 February 2013

#226; Paris ♥ Baguette

I recently went to Paris Baguette @ Wisma Atria branch for afternoon tea. A reward for the countless of sleepless nights that I gave up, for my final exams... 

From what I know, Paris Baguette was set up in Korea. The store offers a variety of bread, pastries and cakes that are mouth watering and absolutely sinful. The portion of the bread is extremely gratifying and you might consider "dabao-ing" (aka take away) the bread that you may not be able to finish. Which, is exactly what I did, the first time I was there.

This is my second visit there, and this time round, I ordered mostly desserts and pastries!
You may wish to skip all the below food pictures if you are reading this at night. LOL. 

Shared a Cafe Mocha with my sister and took lots of photo of the pattern on top before drinking it!
I posted this on Instagram and got quite a lot of likes leh! 

Mummy ordered the crepe cake thing (forgot its' atas name) and it was delicious! A definite must try plus you won't get sick and tired of the cream that makes up the crepe cake! It consists of strawberry and the cutest little raspberries on top! The blueberry pastries are also delicate and delicious. My berries kept falling off their custard base. Mum ordered the custard cubic! 
Yes, custard. Oh yum. 

The milk pudding on top are also really good! Plus their bottles are really cute and you can keep them! :D
Initially gotten the strawberry one for myself because of the cute color scheme but the chocolate ones tasted the best in my opinion. The strawberry was a little too sweet whereas the chocolate ones tasted a little bitter (suspecting it's dark chocolate mousse). The part of the Royal pudding (what a cute name) is brown sugar and should be mix with the white part!

Paris Baguette should be a definite must try place for a small nibble or some sweet treats. This haunt has become my favorite and I would definitely revisit again. Other than the crepe cake, they have the most amazingly intricate and cutest designs of cake (makes me feel like buying them all)

So, if you are looking for a little tea time nibble, you should definitely drop by this place. For k-pop fans, they play non-stop Korean music. And for the foodie/avid photographer, the food here are your dream come true. Be careful when ordering though, you may chalk up a hefty bill (Mum paid for the tea time treat which costed her close to $50). 

That's all for now! I hope you enjoy this quick food post/update and I promise I will be back with more content and interesting reads after the exams are over (today!). After being away for so long due to the final exams, I really want to thank those readers who constantly check my blog even though there are no new posts. So, thank you to those 150-200 plus viewers every day :3
You are much loved and I will be holding a giveaway soon! 

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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