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#227; Open your wallets for this!

Back with another giant accessory hauls! This actually came before the CNY, but I was busy with my end of term exams and only gotten around to doing it today!
Luckily for me, Reirei from Cute Little Strawberries was nice enough to wait patiently for my advert! Thank you :*

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A little messy isn't it? But look at how many pretty pretty accessories there are! This time round, I gotten 14 new accessories x other stuff from Cute Little Strawberries. Some of them aren't featured here because I didn't have enough photo space for them :<

But, have you seen any thing you like here? :p

Gotten this really pretty diamond and ribbons headband made of velvet! Super pretty!
And the diamond parts look so glittery because they catch the light and shine them everywhere. They actually remind me of a little twist to the conventional spiked headband that you see everywhere, just that this is more elegant and cutesy! :D

Didn't get to take any pretty pictures of me with the headband on because I couldn't position my camera properly ><
I seriously need to invest in a tripod! 

I also gotten this really cute peach colored scrunchy that is just so darn perfect! I don't even know why I didn't order it before. 
It has a little bit of bendable metals in two "ears" that you could twist and bend! It's like a twist on the once popular usamimi headband, just that this is a hair band! And you could even make a cutesy ribbon with the twistable metal part! :D

I'm using this almost everyday and I am going to invest in a polka dotted one and a navy colored ones *happy shopping kid*

Look at my new pink highlights, aren't they pretty? :D
I send this photo to Chubby and he thought they were real! :D He even commented how pretty they are!

I honestly think that they look prettiest when you do them up in a fish tail braid, you no longer have to worry about bleaching and damaging your hair, because you can just purchase these pretty hair extensions from Cute Little Strawberries for $2 each! :D

Please do ignore the bottom part of my braid, I gotten a little impatient to see how they would look like. I was actually quite skeptical about how they would turn out eventually because I layered my hair and had a new hair cut (shorter by about 5 inches). So, I was pretty glad that these look perfectly beautiful on my hair! I'm using two pieces of both shades of pink available in the store. One is a more dull hot pink with red undertones and the other (more obvious in the photo) is the bubblegum pink ones! :D

These extensions are definitely a lifesaver. No longer have to worry about boring old hair for the weekend, these hair extensions add a color to your life and give your hair a new look! And the quality of the hair extensions are... amazing plus did I mention about the myriad of colors you could choose from?!
Usually, after using extensions in a braid of any kind, they would tangle like mad and you would just feel like giving up on them. With these hair extensions, the tangles came off easily and I managed to take off the extensions and place them in their plastic packaging within two minutes after unbraiding my hair.

Definitely a must buy! I'm thinking of trimming them to my hair length so I can wear them out more frequently in a cute little fish tail braid! :D 

Can you believe that they are selling these? Golden long cross bracelet and tiny interlink bones! These are so friggin tumblr plus they look so elegant because they are golden in color!
Totally goes well with any outfit that you would have in mind!

See what I mean? 

This braided charm bracelet is a must buy for its versatility. Because of the mix of pretty elegant charms and the more boyish braided style, this bracelet really does balance out perfectly. Definitely a good choice for a dress down day and I would wear this with a camo outerwear and boots (IF I HAD THEM). They come in pretty colours such as light pink blue. asdfghjkl k.

These charms are just a little fraction of the many others that are attached to the braided bracelet. Also, depending on the diameter of your wrists, this bracelet can go many rounds around your wrists. Pretty! And because it gives the appearance of a multi-layered bracelet, you don't have to pair it with any other hand accessories. Just this would do just fine!

I... love this. 
It looks super classy because of the thin chain plus the classy black heart completes the whole look. This just reminds me of Chanel or LV. I would recommend this to any girl who want to look classy. Like you could wear it and just brush your hair aside and everybody would stare at how classy you are. (k, I am mad.)

Cutesy golden pearly bow~

How they look! Super pretty with a lace bralet. Kind of neutralizes the sexy-ness by adding a touch of cute into it. And this look like Hello Kitty Bow. Mad love ~

I got the heart shape bracelet and the necklace like a set! Now I just need the earrings to complete the whole look and CLS does sell it <3 Perfect.

I wore this on the first day of CNY and everyone commented how cute this was. Definitely very proud of this and very proud of myself for choosing it *pat self on back*

Next up, I gotten another classy addition to my already classy accessory set:

Isn't this gorgeous? Yes, it is in white. I always wanted this ever since I saw this somewhere on this girl. She carried this so elegantly and classy that I wish I could do the same. I was looking all over for this until I found it on Cute Little Strawberries. In fact, they have more classy looking accessory up for grabs in the different categories. So you must definitely check them out!

Studded and diamonds for your collection?

I remember opening the package of accessories and thinking "OMGWTF this is the perfect studded necklace!!" Because this has diamonds on them *squeals*

On one side, is crazy sharp spikes that are dangerously cool. Too cool for any of my outfit that I have in my wardrobe!

On the other hand, you have the shiniest and most pretty diamonds. Look at how they shine.

And I hereby end this post with this very tumblr photo of me because that is how CLS make me feel. 
More classy, elegant and add colors to my life that no other accessory store can make me feel. And all their accessories are priced at $1-$6 each. Just a low fee of investment to make you look this pretty? I wouldn't mind.

Having shopped with them for more than a year, I have to say that they gave me the best customer service that I could ever have expected from an online shop. Furthermore, they are always on the look out to add more exciting items into their catalogs. 
Check out their fake tumblr inspired tattoo catalog!
Pretty, effortless and most importantly painless tattoos for just $1!

I saw a shop on FB, that sells them for $6-8 for the exact same thing that Cute Little Strawberries is selling! Why waste money for items that take longer to arrive (3-4 weeks) and cost more when CLS has them for cheaper and have a shorter waiting time (1-2 weeks after spree ends).

They have also just created a package packed full of a bundle of tattoo! You should check that out if you are a fan of faux tattoo! 


CuteLittleStrawberries just added two new categories!
Japanese Magazine Bags and pretty makeup pouches as well as totes for school and Agnes B handbag! 
Check this out because they are, by far the only and most affordable store selling the Agnes B magazine bag for only $18! And prices for everything in this categories cost $3.50-$25. (Psst... totally loving the polka dotted makeup bag and the tribal tote that only cost 10 bucks!)

Sneak Peek to tempt you!
Tempted yet?

Now, they have also added the fake collars and pullover section! *hophop*
This is so exciting!

For only $5-18, you can get these!

You can't fight the shopping bug when you browse through CLS  wide catalog! Can't help loving everything they have to offer!

Also, do remember to join CLS giveaway ongoing on their Facebook Page, where you can win 10 rings, 10 earrings and a $10 voucher for one lucky winner just by sharing and liking photos! :D

That's all for now!
Hope you guys enjoy this post <3
And all the best for any upcoming test that you guys may have~ 

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

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