Wednesday, 27 February 2013

#228; DIY post - Boring? I don't think so!

I'm sure I said that I would do a DIY post about a million times before, but don't have the time to do any because of my hectic schedule! So here is a post that guarantees to bring new life to your boring old cables. In this post, I will be glamming up my old hot pink iPhone cable.

This is how your new iPhone cables would look like after glamming them up! Note that you are able to fit the end perfectly into your iPhone without any obstruction at all~
Interested? Let's get started!

Here are what you need: some pretty rhinestones of different sizes, a gem clipper (bought from Daiso), an old iPhone cable and some silicon glue (bought from Art Friend).
Total cost of all this items are less than $15!

Since my iPhone cable is hot pink in color, I will be using pink rhinestones in different shades and sizes. You may like to use different colored rhinestones for a color block effect. Rhinestones can be purchased from Sophie & Toffee (so many pieces for a very affordable rate okay!).

Here are the rhinestones that I used! I actually purchased these rhinestones from awhile back and haven't found time to use them until now. I have included the link to each item in the description below~
From left to right:

Let's start with our project! :D
Firstly, apply some silicon glue on a small part of the iPhone cable that you want to bling. Don't be greedy and start with small section because the glue dries fast.

Then use the gem tweezers (ah, I remember the term now :x) to pick up different size of rhinestones and pearl to place on the iPhone cable. Continue doing this to the rest of the area that can be blinged and you will get this:

If the rhinestones doesn't fit properly, just re-position them slightly using the tweezers.

Bling around the parts that can be bling and add in a mix of pearls among the rhinestones to add a sweet and elegant touch.

For the other end of the iPhone cable (the USB part), I will be using the same pink rhinestones and pearl but I will be adding a cute bow cabochon to make things a little cuter!
You may like to get the bow cabochon from here!

Use a substantial amount of silicon glue on the back of the cabochon~

And here is the finished product!
Next, just bling up the rest of the area around the bow cabochon and you should get something like this:

Just bling the remaining parts of the iPhone cable and you are done! :D

I took about 2 hours to do this DIY because I was busy chatting with my mum while blinging up the sides. 
I think this would take about an hour or less if you are quick and nimble with the tweezers! :D

Pretty aren't they? Pictures do no justice for this really pretty iPhone cable.
I really am so proud of them because they are my first non-failed DIY! 
I will totally bring them out or bring them to school and flaunt them off~ *flips hair*

Alright, hereby conclude my very short DIY post! Do try it out and flaunt off your cables by putting the link to your blogpost/picture below and I will feature them in a blogpost :D 

Much love and Happy DIY-ing! 
Amanda Misaki Sea


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