Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#229; Lens Review - Super Barbie Bambi Brown

Hello! :D 
I'm back with a new lens review and this time, lenses are from the Super Barbie bambi range. I really do adore the bambi range for it's pretty design, and so far I have gotten all the colors in the range except for purple :/ Will probably get the purple one real soon to see if I like it as much as the other colors in the range!

Without further ado, lets get started with the review!

I couldn't find the pictures of the lenses when they were in their vials because I might have accidentally deleted the photos from my camera. So, here they are in their lens cases. At first glance, I was quite disappointed at the color of the lenses as they weren't vivid enough. Although the colors were light, it didn't seem as pigmented and the tone of the color did not match up to the standards of the GEO Bambi Browns.

This is how they look when worn under normal room lighting. The color of the lenses are much truer to the eye on the right then the left. It isn't obvious on my eye under normal room lighting, which is a real bummer because I always expect a lot from the bambi series. They look dark brown-black with a lighter rim.

Under harsh lighting, they look gorgeous as they are darker brown in the centre and lighter outside. They also look more like the GEO versions. It also looks like there are different tones of brown making up the lenses. However, note the speckles in the lenses. Closer up, they look weird, but view them from afar and they are pretty blendable with my eye.

Enlargement-wise, they are really noticeable. With and without lenses makes a big difference, don't they?
These are advertise as 15.5-16mm depending on different series. Although the enlargement isn't as big as that of i.Fairy lenses, I feel that it is enough and doesn't make me look too creepy or bug-eyed!

Comfort wise, these are quite comfortable. Not sure of the water content from these lenses but I am able to wear them for 8 hours straight with the occasional eye drops. Super barbie lenses are known to be able to last for a year's usage, but I don't wear my lenses past 3 months after opening them. This ensures that my lenses are always comfy! 

Verdict: These are ok in terms of the color pay off. Comfort wise is alright too. However, these won in terms of enlargement as they are natural enough. Would I purchase these again? Probably not.. Because I would much rather spend the money on other lenses from other brands!

Overall: 5/10

I would recommend this, if you are looking for a nice shade of brown that is not so subtle for school and for other more formal events! I hope you enjoy this short review and let me know if YOU have any Bambi series lenses ^^ Comment your link to your review below and I will visit your blog! 

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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