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#230; Shop away, you little shopaholics! ♥

Hey there! :D
It's time for my twice monthly accessories haul post, in which I flaunt my latest and newly received loots from Cute Little Strawberries. This time round, items came in a very very big package because CLS sponsored many pretty stuff for giveaway! So, do stay tuned and like my Facebook page as well as CLS's Facebook page for first hand updates! ♥
I'm still planning out the details of the giveaway but I promise it will be up real soon! 

This time round, I gotten two necklaces, two bracelets and three earrings from Cute Little Strawberries!
First up, would be the cutest pair of earrings that I have ever owned - Hello Kitty earrings! Le Meowz.

First was the Hello Kitty lenses (didn't get that because....just didn't).
Then it was the Hello Kitty Geek Specs and now...
The kitty earrings! *dies of kitty overdose*

Isn't it the cutest thing ever?! It is really sturdy too. I love the details of this earring as the price does not compromise the quality of this item and would definitely recommend this product to Hello Kitty lovers as a must-have in their collection. Don't even know why I didn't order this earlier... *slaps forehead*
On top of that, this pair of earrings aren't too big and adds a really cute touch to your whole look.

Here is how they look when worn! Super noticeable and pretty! Especially love the cute red bow on the kitty. I can see myself wearing this with a romper to add more cuteness to my outfit.

Kitty earring matches my kitty specs!
Decided to return back to my childhood era by putting my hair up in twin ponytails. I'm living my second childhood now.

A new addition to my collection of necklaces, this elegant heart-shaped key is super delicate!

A close up of the necklace. 
This was inspired by the Make-A-Wish necklace which stated that you should make a wish before putting the necklace on and if it breaks, your wish will be fulfilled really soon! 
I actually wanted to get the authentic ones, but they cost US$50+ for one, not inclusive of shipping to Singapore *gasp*
Daylight robbery!

So, I settled for the much pocket-friendly version from Cute Little Strawberries!

See how delicate and elegant this is? :D
Many many other designs available and the angel wings one is so pretty too. Check them out!

I feel so guilty for constantly adding to my collection of triangle, aztec and tribal printed necklace. But I can't help it because I just have a soft spot for necklaces like this. Somehow, I feel that it makes my outfit look a tad much expensive, my poise a little more elegant than it usually is. 

A close up.
I don't usually buy white-themed accessories but I feel that the white and gold of this piece goes so well together. It is also available in pink and gold! 

Not sorry for the fat chin. 
My outfit got look a tad more atas a not? I feel that I have leh!
Though I borrowed my sister's cotton on crop top for this advertorial :x

How it looks on me. 
I feel that this would go well with all my black outfits which I have a lot of.
My wardrobe is filled with monotonous colors and most specifically, black! :3

When I first saw this being sold online, they were really pricey. About $6-8 for one.
So imagine my joy when I found this on Cute Little Strawberries.
At first, they only sold the neon colored ones and I was anticipating the golden ones because I feel that I look weird in Neon colors.
So when I found these in the catalog, I jumped at the chance and got this!

I always had a thing for unicorn... Always telling Chubby Cheeks that unicorns should fart glitter at my every step. When I first received this, I thought they came as a pair :/ But it was only for one side. Which I feel is okay, because you don't want to be too unicorn-ish. If you get what I mean.

Ahh too pretty! 
You know what? Scrape that. One can never be too unicorn-ish. I am going to go ahead and order another unicorn to flaunt them off on my ears!

Spiked golden bracelet and pyramid stud bracelet! Super pretty when paired together. Even sister commented it was pretty and Chubby jokingly asked me if he had one too.

The spiked golden bracelet has a dull tip so it wouldn't hurt you, your friend or your boyfriend while wearing this statement piece. The pyramid ones is a duller bronze/gold which is pretty cool but I wished I ordered the ones in gold! :/

Pretty aren't they?

Didn't put in my all time favorite watch but it goes really well too!
So for the spike accessories lover, here's something you must have. I always thought that these bracelets were a tad mainstream when they were first introduced to the world of blogshops. But now, I realize why they are such a hit. 

They go well with almost everything that I have in my wardrobe. Pair it with a dress and a denim outer to make your outfit less girly, or pair it with a plain tee and shorts to make you look more dressed up!
Even if you aren't a true "all things studded and spike" girl, this piece will promise to be your best companion in your collection of arm candies.

Studded earrings! These are super gorgeous.

See?! I don't even know why I didn't order them earlier. 
These pair of earrings are super pretty. They add a masculine touch to your whole get up and adds a little spice to your whole get-up. 

As with the studded and spike bracelet, these goes well with almost every outfit I owned. And so, this has made it into Amanda's favorite and most versatile accessories list.

Now, Cute Little Strawberries has added new items into their existing catalogs. So do check out their wide range of accessories (From $1-6!). Other than accessories, they do sell Tumblr Inspired Tattoos:

Pretty totes, makeup pouches and handbags~

And last but not least.... Tons of pretty lace cropped tops, lace collars and things to spice up plain collared tops! In fact, I will be reviewing their lace cropped top real soon (gotten my hands on it already and all I can say is... You should head over to CLS and get your hands on one too)

That's all for now *wink*
And if you are free this Saturday, why not head to their latest event - OCBC FRANK's event~

I hope you guys enjoy this post because I sure did enjoy myself while taking photos for this advertorial. Do support CLS in their latest preorder alright and flaunt your loots to me by leaving me a comment below :D

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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