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#232; Look what I've got! ♥

I know I haven't been doing a haul post for the longest time yet because I was procrastinating and thus accumulated a fair bit of items to flaunt. I always want to wait till more of the stuff that I have ordered, arrives in the letterbox before I start on my haul post....Thus explains the long time in between haul post. Anyway, here is a haul post to satisfy your curious minds as to what I have recently gotten! :D

Starting the haul post with something cute! I gotten these two Etude House nail polishes from Qoo10 and they are absolutely adorable! <3 They costed me $9.90 for two and I gotten the shade in Mint Chocolate and Strawberry Sherbet. Waiting time for these were about 14 working days because they were delivered by normal postage from Korea!

I'm not too sure if the Etude House in Singapore carry these little cuties but you may want to pop over to their store and see if they do! If not, you can purchase these from Qoo10! I swear they have the widest range of nail polishes that I am absolutely spoiled for choice.

The packaging of all the nail polishes in these series resembles ice cream and they even have cute names to go with it! This pastel pink one with glitter is the Strawberry sherbet!

And this one here is the Mint Chocolate! I honestly love mint shades as I think they look good on me. Besides these two, there are two other shades. One is an apricot tone that doesn't really look that good but the color pay-off is pretty striking (according to some blog reviews I happened to chance on). The other is called the Lemon Sherbet and is a pastel yellow. Sadly, yellow isn't my thing although the pastel shade of the yellow is soft and pretty!

So I posted this tweet around midnight and.....

Pardon the messed up nails. These look absolutely adorable okay! Can't even wait for my Gellish to grow out so I can snip them off and paint all my nails in this Strawberry sherbet! I will do a proper review then!
These has some fine glitter along with the chunkier glitter bits and goes on smoothly enough! Used two coats to get this color~

Now I am curious to see how the mint would turn out!

Went crazy about shades a while back and gotten myself two new pair of shades!

Gotten this @ $10 from Forever21 on impulse. Because it's leopard printed. My other leopard printed one was spoilt and so I went ahead to get these. But then I kind of regretted as I'm not one to always wear shades. Ah well, it makes for a cute headband so I'm not complaining!

Next up, vintage shades! These are so TUMBLR! *screams*
I mean they look good with red lipstick. Yea. So I guess they are worth the investment for the perfect tumblr photo. They costed me... I forgot. But it should be less than 10 bucks. Bought them online from an Instashop , @lookbooksg

Matte black geek specs with no lenses for everyday wear. I know how some people find it annoying to see other people wearing specs without lenses in them. But sorry if you don't like it. LOL. I don't live to please you :D
And if you are like me, this specs costed me $3.60 from an instashop, @theluckiestcloud. They sell really cheap accessories instock and you MUST check them out because... cheap and quality stuff. 

Spike ear cuffs for only $2! Same instashop as the geek specs! Told you their items was cheap and pretty! After getting this, I am so tempted to get more pretty ear cuffs. These are honestly so darn pretty....

Gotten another eyelash case from Daiso because these are bigger! And they are Little Twin Stars *gasp*
I love them because they look too cute. $2 only and the prints are absolutely gorgeous.

Spacious enough for the two twins to lie down. It has a divider in the middle so you can place your glue and Q tip in one end and your falsies in the other. Plus with the bigger box, I can bring my bigger eyelash glue for a day out instead of carrying the tiny DollyWink ones!

Lately, I have been a tad bit obsessed with this Korean fat bunny called Molang... Because it's fat.
Notice the Molang dustcap I have gotten for myself to match the wallpaper on my phone.

Fat bunny! These costed me $2.50 but are actually 1 for $3 and 2 for $5. I gotten two and gave one to my sister because she adores the Fat bunny too! Got them at the Scape flea outside McDonald. They sell lots of iPhone stuff so you may want to head down there to take a look! Lots of iPhone 5 screen protector too, those chio chio ones!

Gotten this Green Tea EDT from Sephora Ion. They are selling them at 10 bucks each and I feel it is quite worth it for the scent. Love the scent of the green tea although there are tons of other scent as well! Paid for them using the Sephora vouchers that mum bought for my Christmas and so I felt as if it was free.... It felt good.

This is useful when you are walking around and need some EDT to freshen up and make you smell nicer. Plus the green tea scent is really refreshing. Worth getting for $10!

And.... this is the main highlight! Chubby Cheeks bought me these for our First Year Anniversary (which I wanted to blog about but thought better of it, cause he is an awesome boyfriend and I don't want anyone else hitting on him, so yea, deal with it). These have been on top of my "to-get" list ever since they were launched because they smell so darn good. I am not one to go gaga for perfume especially not perfume that are endorsed by famous celebrity but I really do adore these. 

The bottle containing the Wonderstruck Enchanted is a red that has this rainbow tint and has a gold cap. It smells really good and if you do pass by Sephora, just go ahead and spam this on your clothing because this really lasts! I guess Chubby Cheeks always see me spam spraying this everywhere I can and decided that I am so xiasuey that so he got this for me :x
Haha! Thank you la, best boyfriend ever! I won't make you xiasuey already!

The charms around the bottle! 

I am so fiercely protective of this that I wouldn't let anyone near it! Plus, I would only use this on super special occasion (like my job interview) and when I head out with Chubby. Haven't opened the Wonderstruck yet because I wanted to keep myself in suspense!

I don't even know why I got these...
But its a set of scented Sarasa Clip pen! Being loving this brand since forever because they are so comfy to write with. Don't mind the random Rilakkuma pen in the set above. I actually gave one pen away to my sister. 

I first saw them at the local bookstore and was stuck at the counter for a good ten minutes, sniffing away at the different pen scents. Then I saw the set of 5 pens for about $11+ and thought it was a good deal and ended up buying a set. After heading out of the store, I did a quick calculation and lo behold, each pen in the set were the same price as one pen alone.... You know how I felt? Yea. Cheated.

All in all, here are the flavors/scents that I gotten! I gave the Blue Black - Ocean breeze to my sister.

On the pen itself are some prints and bokeh to make it look like it's shining. And the flavor of the pens is printed on it. Okay la, considering this is limited edition (which I hope it is lah!), I feel much "not cheated"- better. Wtf, who am I kidding....Still feeling cheated.... SET ALWAYS SUPPOSE TO BE CHEAPER WHAT. NO MEH?!

Bought a new foundation powder and a new case because it was much cheaper than buying just the refill itself. Have been using L'Oreal since the very first time I was introduced to make up and really am a loyal fan to this brand. However, I feel that the refill really is too expensive already... Anyone tried Canmake's new foundation powder? The one in the pretty beige packaging? Would love to try that out sometime soon!

A close up of the new casing for my new foundation powder! So white and spring-ish!

Bought this from Watsons a while back. I saw this while browsing through the Canmake section at my local mall and thought that this was cute and since there was a tester, I tried it out on my hand to test the color and the durability of this lipstick. 

Then I headed home to research more about it and read tons of review about it. This series comes in three shades - Pink, Coral orange and Red. The review for this was quite good so I went ahead and got this lipstick. They don't come cheap! For $20+, this lipstick is pricey! Slightly less expensive than the Candy Doll ones that I have.

The rouge comes in a pretty gold and atas looking packaging. It is simple but feels much more sturdier than the Candy Doll ones (I will do a review on both lipstick soon, so I won't elaborate too much here!).

Used this a few times :x 
But only wear it out on days when I am heading out to meet Chubby or to town! What I can say about this lipstick is that it suits me so darn well and... really, it is the perfect orange lipstick that you could ever want to own.

Gotten some gems from Sophie&Toffee for some DIY project and five packets of rhinestones and a packet of half pearls cost me less than $12! You know, these rhinestones are so pretty that you can add them on your nails for that bling bling effect!

They come in different sizes so you can select the best rhinestone for your DIY project. There is also a wide array of different shades of color for you to choose from! A word of advice though, you may want to get a shade lighter than the ones shown on your computer screen/mobile screen or a shade darker than the desired shade. The pink looking rhinestones are actually brown.... Yes... I feel slightly cheated. But still worth the amount compared to rhinestones sold in retail store! One packet of 200 pieces cost me $1.30-$1.90 depending on the size of the rhinestones!

Ordered this set of nail art brushes from Qoo10 for $5.50 inclusive of registered postage from China! Can you friggin believe it? 15 brushes for $5.50 is a really good deal but the waiting time is so long. It took about a month plus to reach my place and I feel that it is the postal service at the China side. If you are okay with waiting because of the cheap price and is no hurry to get them, you may consider buying them from the seller at Qoo10. If not, it would be better if you got them from retail stores. 

I seen a store in Facebook that sells instocks for these @ $10. Which is about one time more expensive than the ones on Qoo10, plus they are exactly the same. So being a cash strapped kid, I ordered them from the cheaper seller.. obviously.

Ordered these wheel of nail studs to do my own manicure!
Ordered them from the instashop, @theluckiestcloud for $4 mailed and feel it is quite worth it as there are lots of different flat back studs for you to choose from. Can't wait to try them out along with the mint chocolate polish above. I guess I am really into nail stuff these days.

Saw this set of Rilakkuma nail stickers while I was browsing through Nail Art Express' Facebook page. I first spotted them on Taobao a few months back and wanted to order them but decided against it. Firstly, I wasn't exactly sure about the authenticity of the items from Taobao and it costed SGD$12, not inclusive of air shipping which is about $8?
So when I saw these going for SGD$15, I jumped at the chance to own my very first Rilakkuma nail stickers! *flaunt flaunt*

This was given free by Ying, the owner of Nail Art Express and I was so surprised and pleased to find them in my letterbox along with the Rilakkuma nail stickers! Mind, these Hello Kitty nail stickers are the ones from Korea which cost about $3.90-5.90 to get! I know, because I bought them before on Qoo10!

And here they are! All my kuma standing proud! Rilakkuma, why you so cute wan?
I probably would only use them when I perfect some basic nail techniques and only be using them on fake nail tips so that they wouldn't wear away with time.

Alright, I hereby conclude my haul post! A few of my hauls aren't listed here as I don't list down apparels and sponsored items (to keep the advert a suspense). So... just a heads up, I gotten a cute furry french beret, a pretty lace cropped bralet and also received my sponsored items from Cute Little Strawberries! Advert for them will be up real soon, so do stay tuned for it! :D

P.S; I hope you have enjoyed this haul post, as much as I have enjoyed taking photos of it! Do leave me a comment or Formspring question if you need the exact link of the websites or retail store address that are not listed above!

Much Love and Kisses!
Amanda Misaki Sea


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