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#233; Mini DIY post - Tiny Storage

Hey there!
I wanted to share this mini DIY post with you guys cause I thought it would be a good idea plus it would make for a cute recycling project (I'm into the whole "Recycle, Reuse & Reduce" thing right now). If you  haven't read my prior post on how to glam up your old phone cables, do give it a read, as I absolutely adore my "new" cable!

Today's post will be on recycling tiny bottles and vials (such as those contact lens vials) and transform them into beautiful vials to store your tiny stuff! In this case, I created my own tiny storage to store my blings.

Prior to thinking of an efficient way to properly store my rhinestones, I dumped all of them in this huge container that I have gotten from Daiso. But it isn't very efficient in keeping the rhinestones in their respective spot :/ So I came up with this ideas to store the rhinestones in.....

Isn't this adorable.

What you'll need:
- Polaroid Skins
- Cute Stickers
- Ballpoint pen
- Scissors
- Tiny vials
- Scotch tape

You can get Polaroid skins from Qoo10 for less than $2 and I actually bought a lot of them for when I have to decorate plain Polaroid films. It makes for a cheaper alternative to the colored/cartoon films that is out in the market. So, without further ado, let's start with the DIY!

Chose a purple polka dotted skin for this vial! The Polaroid skin (sticker) is made out of an outline of a normal size Polaroid film and the middle portion is for you to write short messages and stick to the back of the Polaroid. But let's face it, not everyone does that. So, we are going to use that portion of the sticker to glam up those cute vials!

Mark out how much of the sticker you need! The length of the sticker should be perfect for the vials to make a cute label! Use a pencil to make a marking to aid you in cutting the sticker.

After cutting your preferred size with a pair of scissors, you should have this! Note the other half over there can also be used on another vial :D

Decorate your label in whatever way you may like with the cute stickers! You may also choose to put a lace border around the label. Daiso sells the cutest lace tape! Do remember to use ballpoint pen, gel ink pen will smudge very easily and does not last long.

Stick your newly made label on the vial and use scotch tape to pin the sides down or tape around the label. The adhesive for the Polaroid sticker isn't that strong and may come off easily. Also, by taping around the label, you can prevent any potential smudge/wear and tear on the label!

Fill up the newly "revived" vials with tiny bits and pieces that you wish to store! In my case, I store my purple rhinestones so they would be separated from the others. This makes for easier storage plus you can get your DIY project done more efficiently as you do not have to sift through the bits you do not need!

Oh! I actually made a sweetheart vial for Chubby Cheeks as a tiny Valentine's present. I used a pink heart shaped Polaroid skin for the label and used about 5-6 message pills to fill the vials. They look friggin adorable and makes for a good handmade present to give to your love ones.

Don't need a tiny storage? Why not make decorations for your room to make it more Tumblr! I googled for the vials and found some examples of what you can do:

For the colored vials, just buy some food coloring and make some colored water to fill your vials! I personally love the rainbow hued ones! Also, you can use glitter and what not to fill up the vials and recreate your Harry Potter "potions". Click to enlarge the photo if needed!

For the vials with the cork in them, you may wish to visit @redrosesbs on instagram at $5.50! Else just search for them on Facebook :)

And I hereby conclude this very short, simple and sweet DIY! Happy DIY-ing and try out the tiny storage!
Leave me a comment if you did and I will visit your blog/insta/twitter/fb photo :D
I hope this helps to organize your stuff as it did help for me!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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