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#234; Cute Little Strawberries, You need them ♥

Hi Sweethearts!
Gotten another parcel from my all-time favorite sponsor and blogshop, Cute Little Strawberries. As always the items were delivered in good condition. CLS always mail out their items using poly mailer so as to prevent breakage and minimize damaged items while in transit to you!

This time round, I gotten items from their newly updated categories and am so excited to present them to you! So, do stay tuned and read this post till the end for a quick giveaway! :D

First up, introducing this crochet top! <3
Pretty crochet cropped top against my ugly green wardrobe :/

Some close up details of the crochet top! When I saw this on Cute Little Strawberries, I was so excited to lay my hands on them and after thinking hard and long, I chose this design! There are 30 designs in total and prices range from $9-30. I won't upload a photo of me wearing the crochet crop top as I couldn't get my sister to take a decent Outfit Of the day for me. She makes me look super friggin chubby la! *complains*

Here's my true verdict of the crochet cropped top:
The crochet cropped top that I chose is an off-shoulder type, according to the description. However, the measurements and cutting fit me well that it isn't off-shoulder and more like a normal crop top. This is best paired with a bodycon dress or a tank top x skater skirt. Definitely sweet looking as this is crochet and the design is extremely cute (heart-shapes ftw!). Be careful when handling this top though, as there are many holes due to the crochet and so, your long nails might snag on it! The crochet isn't scratchy on me and the quality is considered good for the price paid! So, girls who wants to add a sweet touch to your outfit should definitely get this! The crochet vest looks good too:

Really adore the black ones :x 
Okay, since I'm so nice hor, here's the link to the crochet pullover/collar!
Shop away sweeties!

When I saw this, my head was screaming at me to get it! This is so friggin cool okay!
RockSmith Parental Advisory Explicit Content waterproof bag (?)
This is also from their latest categories. Cute Little Strawberries have a wide array of bags, totes and makeup pouches and I have to say that I want all of them! Too cute, too cool and generally, too awesome!

Hi there, I got look a little cooler a not? (ignore le thick lips)
Alright, I have to say that I am not a cool person. I am always a sweet cute-stuff type of person, not a rock and cool type of person. So this pouch that I gotten really does inspire me to dress up a little more...not sweet?

The Parental Advisory pouch is made of a waterproof material and is extremely spacious! In fact, I was shocked that it was so big - You can fit an A4 size paper in it. So, I was thinking about the occasions I could use this and came out with two good ones! First would be for school, like you could fit in your important notebooks or even your laptop charger! And the second would be to bring it along when you go to the beach because it's waterproof!

See la! See how cool I am now :p

This is currently my makeup pouch and can also be bought from Cute Little Strawberries' bags category! This pouch is also waterproof and has a cute cat face printed on it! This is spacious too but much smaller than the Rocksmith ones! In fact, this is the perfect size for me to tote around and I no longer have to search around my bag for my eyeliner or lipgloss when I have to do a touch up! Definitely saves you some time!

I like how worried and adorable it looks when you tie the top of the pouch up! Its a little cute how it can transform the cat print from a surprised to an anxious meow meow look. 

Orange and mint green triangle earrings x black and white triangle earrings!
The quality of these are super good. They are sturdy and doesn't feel like it would break that easily. In fact I really adore the black and white ones because it projects a mode feel.

Here's how they look on me! Definitely spice up your whole look with this. Though I don't recommend wearing too much accessories at one go as you may appear too overly embellished!

The black and white ones on me! Get this and you won't regret because this looks too elegant. If you love these or if you love wearing earrings in general, you should definitely take a look at Cute Little Strawberries wide array of earrings. They have so many different products targeted at different kind of style and you can definitely find something you like!

So don't wait and start shopping at Cute Little Strawberries now!
Their current spree closes on 26 March 2013 so don't wait!

------------------------ {Giveaway} ------------------------

I will be giving away this matte black spiked bracelet to one lucky person!
All you have to do, is:
2) Share this photo from my Facebook page with the caption, "I want to win this! ♥"
and comment when you are done!
3) Please make sure that your share is public! And I will be verifying your entries, only people who fulfilled all three steps will stand a chance to win this! 

Only open to SG address! (Sorry Overseas reader :c)
Giveaway ends on 26 March, 11:59pm and winner will be announced on my Facebook page/Twitter on 27 March!

Good luck and Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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