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#236; The Tumblr-Worthy Shop

I always wanted the perfect Tumblr-worthy shot, especially in the case when I flaunt my arm candies. If you follow my blog closely, you would have known that I always have a wide variety of bracelets to match my outfit of the day and am constantly adding more to my collection.

Today, I will be introducing a Tumblr-worthy shop to fulfill all your cravings for all things Tumblr-ish. Fashionyoucrave Fuc kindly sponsored me with 6 arm candies of my choice from their Tumblr inspired arm candies! And this is what I picked out from the designs available for preorder:

Got the Tumblr feel a not? 
Fashionyoucrave Fuc has 110 designs up for preorder and they also carry instocks for 58 designs from their album! Pretty cool isn't it? If you hate waiting for your items to arrive, why not check out their instock album and see if you can find any design that may suit you! Prices for instock and for preorder are the same! :D

For convenience sake, I have labelled the arm candies accordingly so you can place orders directly with Fashionyoucrave Fuc if any has caught your eyes :3

This braided bracelet has a combination of black, brown and a striking pastel blue to add a tinge of color. I especially love the two chubby little love bird as they look so friggin cute! I mean, those two little things are the mascot for love, how can you not adore them?

Here is how Tumblr 41 looks on my arm! Pretty not? Got Tumblr feel hor!

Tumblr 42 is a a brown faux leather bracelet with an infinity sign and a bronze plate with "Love" on it. Guess it symbolizes eternal love. I love how neutral this is and how the bronze goes so well with the brown of this bracelet. Because of the color combination, this will be the most versatile arm candy that is guaranteed to go well with anything and doesn't look too fancy, so you can layer it with other accessories such as:

What I have done here :) Layered the versatile Tumblr 42 with a pyramid bronze studded bracelet and my vintage watch. I actually posted this photo on instagram and had 15 likes within 10 mins. Goes to show how chio this is!

Tumblr 31 is vibrant and suitable for those who wants more colors on their arm :) Pair this with a tribal tank top or a colorful top and you are more than ready to take Tumblr shots of yourself. With pastel blue and pink, this lovely thing caught my eye for being such a dear. 

This features an anchor and a infinity sign. 

Took this shot on top of my new laptop casing which mumsy bought for me! Love how the bracelet goes so well with my laptop casing! Pastel blue on the verge of a shade of mint green. It's hard not to fall in love with this arm candy.

Without realizing that this Tumblr 72 is somewhat similar to Tumblr 31, I chose this too! The only difference is that instead of one pastel pink braid in the middle, there is also a pastel purple braid. This makes the bracelet looks a little more layered so you can just wear it by its own :)

Like this :) 
At first, when I was looking through Fashionyoucrave Fuc's Tumblr Inspired arm candies, I thought the purple braid looks a little brown :o But I'm not disappointed with how the color combination turned out. Like the previous bracelet, this is vibrant and exudes youthfulness! Will definitely wear this out more as I feel that I have too many neutral shades on me. 

Tumblr 61 is a combination of pastel blue with silver and pure white. It exudes a nautical air because of the color combination and partly due to the anchor charm attached to it. Because of the many charms in this bracelet, it is best to wear this alone without any other arm candies to complement it. Furthermore, this lovely arm candy may also go well with a vintage watch (my watch. LOL).

Love how multi-layered this is! My ideal outfit to match this bracelet, would be a slightly over sized white cotton blouse with a light denim colored shorts. Simple yet pretty. This way, the arm candy would be more prominent plus it totally matches your outfit! :3

Last but definitely not least, Tumblr 15! I love how classy this looks. Silver and black with a black braid in the middle, this looks sophisticated and really exudes Tumblr-ness.

Aren't I right? My ideal Lookbook fashion to complement this bracelet would be a black bustier top with a black high-low midi skirt and definitely this leopard printed clutch! Totally lookbook worthy ok?

So, if you wish to take so many Tumblr/Lookbook worthy shots, don't hesitate to lay your hands on one of these Tumblr Inspired Arm candies from Fashionyoucrave Fuc.

Each arm candy cost $7 with free normal postage and preorder will take 7-14 working days after the spree closes. Tired of waiting? Why not take a look at their instock arm candies and see what treasures you may unearth! For the same price as preorder, you do not have to wait as long for some arm swag to adorn your wrists!

Psst... They also hold giveaways with every opening of preorder so do remember to add Fashionyoucrave Fuc up and start looking through their albums! Currently holding giveaway for Temporary tattoos and also arm candies~


Feel that arm candies are not enough to add to your Tumblr-worthiness score? Well try this. Fashionyoucrave Fuc has started a Tumblr Inspired temporary tattoo featuring 48 different designs! You will be spoilt for choice. Let me tempt you with a few of my favorite design from the album.

Tumblr Tattoo Set 30 - $6.50 inclusive of Free normal postage :o

How it would look if you suddenly go angkong siao and stick all the temporary tattoo on yourself. Mad chio la! haha!~

Tumblr tattoo set 33 - $6.50 inclusive of normal postage~
Many different designs of crowns and some vintagey looking words

Mad chio leh! I love tattoos that has words on them. Add some black and white filter and you are ready to reach the Instagram's popular page or get tons of reblogs and hearts from Tumblr~

Tumblr Tattoo set 11 - $5.50 inclusive of free normal postage. 
I actually like this for the lace bits. Would totally put that around my upper arm. And the ribbon on my wrist.

So, take a look and support Fashionyoucrave Fuc Tumblr inspired temporary tattoo as well as their Tumblr inspired arm candies. I swear you won't regret buying from them because the quality of their bracelet is superb! (Speaking from the viewpoint of a girl who rough handles everything and has broken about 3-4 accessories :/).

I hope you enjoy this post and I will be back tomorrow (Promise! Been behind schedule and there are tons of advertorial to do) with a new post! Do shop away~ 

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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