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#237; Your one-stop shop for all things Lolita!

Hi sweets!
From the title above, you would have known that today, I will be introducing a shop that is not your everyday fashion style! I always had this crazy fantasy that one day, Singapore would be like Japan, filled with tons of cosplayers, Lolita and Gyarus roaming around the street without fear of being stared at, judged or stomp-ed. Guess that's only possible when there is a Anime Festival/Cosplay event...

But I feel that Singapore is becoming more receptive to Japanese style as there is more recognition for brands such as Emoda, Liz Lisa, DollyWink, CandyDoll etc.


Anyway! If you are into Lolita/Gothic Lolita then you should definitely check out Hime Love. They have a wide variety of pretty Lolita dresses that makes for a great outfit to wear for photo shoots or Anime Festival. If you are daring enough and can pull off this style, then Hime Love is also your go to shop for cute and elegant dresses!

From Hime Love website, I picked out three dresses that I absolutely adore!

This pure white dress with puffy sleeve, ribbons and lace are absolutely adorable. I love how there are the crossed lines at the neck. Really gives a Lolita feel.

And if you think the dresses can't get any cuter, here's a pastel pink one to wow your socks away! I always had a thing for pretty Lolita dresses mainly because it has all my favorite things in one dress - ribbons, frills, pastel colors and not to mention, lace! If only, I was petite enough to fit (sorry, big Angmoh bone structure here *waves*).

This one reminds me so much of Hina Ichigo's cute little outfit from Rosen Maiden!

Hina Ichigo is one of my favorite characters from Rosen Maiden *sighhh* and she is the cutest little thing among the other dolls~
If any dresses have caught your eyes, you may check out Hime Love for more designs! They carry 6 different Lolita dresses that are absolutely exquisite.

So, Lolita style really does exudes innocence and is very doll-like. While Gothic Lolita exudes elegance and mysteriousness. Both fashion style are similar, in that they both aim to appear like a living, walking doll.

Below, are some gothic Lolita dresses that I have picked out from Hime Love to feature in this post:

This one! *points* reminds me of Kaichou wa Maid sama (Maid-sama!) because of the color combination, though there are a few alterations to be made before it can be used for cosplay for her outfit. Even so, the difference between Gothic Lolita and Lolita can be seen here. Again, there are lace, ribbons and frills but Gothic Lolita works with darker colors. 

I love this the most because it's in Navy! Plus it has those crossed lines at the neck. This iz sho cute k. 

This is simple yet pretty and elegant. Has a very Victorian air to it *nods head in approval*

If Lolita and Gothic Lolita aren't your cup of tea, why not try hime fashion. This is similarly popular in Japan and less toned down.

Hime means princess and this style aims to bring out the little princesses in you. Featuring puffed up sleeve and frills with lace and ribbon, this style is somewhat similar to Lolita. But unlike that, the dresses in Hime style is less puffy and more toned down (lesser ribbons and frills).

This is wearable in Singapore! Pretty white with frills and ribbons. This has a very Liz Lisa feel! 

If there are any dresses that have caught your eyes, you may head to Hime Love's website to check out more. They are based in Japan and they shipped out your orders direct from Japan! With a low flat rate shipping of US$20 by EMS, Hime Love is by far the most pocket-friendly shop for Lolita clothing and accessories! :D

Payment can be done by Paypal/Credit card and you don't have to worry about your items being lost in transit as Hime Love will provide you with your tracking number after it has been mailed!

Psst, the owner of Hime Love is also a really friendly person! If only I had better Japanese......

That's all for now! Do check them out and render Hime Love your support~ 

Much love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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