Tuesday, 9 April 2013

#238; Le Derpina's pretty shop!

Hi there~ Back with another post to make you spend your money on some darn good deals!
This time round, we are featuring.... Le Derpina! *claps claps*

Le Derpina's pretty shop is filled to the brim with wholesome goodness and that's only one of the many reasons why you guys should check out her store. Looking for something to wear out to school or even to town? Well look no further! Le Derpina has the prettiest apparels for preorder and this are my fav picks from her album!

The ever popular TOPSHOP inspired Geek oversized tee for.... $17 only! WTF.
She also has Nerd tees for $16.90!

Love Peplum tops? Available for preorder in three pretty colors!
My favorite would be the black and maroon ones! Each for only SGD20, which seriously is much more pocket friendly than peplum tops from H&M or F21.

Owner of Le Derpina in her wine red pullover (SGD17.90 OMFG K)
I think she is really pwetty, friendly and makes awesome song cover! PLUS she is from Ngee Ann Poly :x i actually seen her around and the first impression I had of her was "OMG fellow 9gag fan!" Cause she was carrying a "Me Gusta" tote.... 
ANYWAY, back to the topic, I really liek this but I have real chubby arms.
This pullover is also avail in turquoise and green!

Really popular rompers from livejournal stores are also up for preorder at SGD21! Which is much cheaper than the actual store itself! Plus there are many designs available (florals ftw)

Not bad right? Check out her Preorder album for more pretty apparels at the most pocket friendly prices! Might even get a few pullovers from her when I finally tame those chubby little fats.

Love florals? Love to take pretty Tumblr inspired pictures? Well, this is an absolute must buy and must have in your wardrobe.

Floral headbands! *screams* 
Prices start from as low as $8.50-10! A lot has already been sold out! So too bad if you have missed it! However, Le Derpina may be able to remake some designs so do check out with her in this album: Floral Headbands!
And yes, they are all handmade! Look perfect enough though!

Ever wanted pretty customized totes but getting them printed is too expensive? And getting them hand drawn on your own is too much of a hassle plus you aren't the best artist out there?

Well... look no further! Le Derpina has the prettiest hand drawn tote (no joke) and this is the photo of her previous batches!

Chio not? I swear Le Derpina has the best hand drawn totes and if I ever gotten anything customized, her store will be the first place I would head to. Prices for tote depends on the complexity of your orders but for a super chio tote of your own, the price is more than worth it!

Here are some of my favorite totes from her album of Customizable Totes:

From cute furry kitties to characters from Plants vs Zombie, as long as you request it. Le Derpina will deliver it! Awesomeeeeee much? 

Last but not least, here is what Le Derpina has sponsored for a Giveaway!

I will be giving away a 3/4 sleeve white peplum top, courtesy of Le Derpina!
The photo really does no justice for the top and this is my first time taking a proper outfit coordinate so...uhm bear with it ><
All you would have to do is:
1) "Like" my Facebook page and subscribe/add Le Derpina!
2) "Like" and "Share" this photo (make sure it's public!)
3) Comment with a witty comment~

Giveaway will end on 16 April, 2300 and I will pick a winner (must have proof that you have completed all the steps) on the day itself! Good luck love!

I hope you enjoy this post and I'm really sorry that my blog is getting more commercialized but please bear with me while I work towards clearing all my pending advertorials! In the mean time, do enjoy stopping by all the blogshops that I have done adverts for, as each store has a lot to offer!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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