Tuesday, 9 April 2013

#239; Candy Rush ♥ Giveaway

Nope, I haven't misspelled the title of this post!
Today's post is not about the ever popular Facebook game, Candy Crush, but about a reliable Facebook store that is gaining popularity!

Featuring... Candy Rush!
They are a Facebook store selling Candylicious lenses and thus, explains the store name. So far, they have conducted 3 batches of successful Candylicious lens preorder with photo proof for each batch (Yes to reliability!)

Their batch #2 ♥

And their batch #3! As you can see, they have tons of orders for their lenses!

Candy Rush offers the lowest prices for Candylicious lenses and so far, her rate is the most attractive among the other lens blogshop on the same platform. Don't believe me?


Here are the rates for Candy Rush's Candylicious lenses Preorder:
1 pair is only @ $7.50!
And if you buy 10 pairs or more, price for a pair would be $7/pair!
PLUS, if that's not enough incentive to buy more, buy 12 pairs and you will get a free pair of lens and casing~

Do note that prices do not include lens casing but you may purchase it from her at a low rate of $1.50 for a very cute ribbon casing :>
So gather your friends and buy together in bulk for the best prices!

Here are some of my favorite designs from the wide variety of Candylicious lenses up for preorder~

Sweet 3 tone - Hazel (14.5mm)
I love how sweet this is and natural looking. The enlargement makes it wearable for a day to day look and also the color looks especially vibrant! Perfect for girls/guys who would love to wear this for a day out!

Mavis 3 Tone Brown is also a really pretty and obvious lens that adds a sparkle to your eyes! Make you look more anime-ish!

Candy Shake 16mm in blue!
This design is so friggin unique! It really looks like there is a diamond in your eyes and is a more pixelated and has more obvious color than its cousin, the Nudy series!

On top of the awesome wholesale prices for Candylicious lenses, Candy Rush has the shortest preorder waiting time of only a week. 

Now, go support them and start having pretty eyes everyday!
Batch #4 is currently open and closes on the 20th April. 
And render your support to their giveaway~

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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