Thursday, 11 April 2013

#240; Cute & Classy

Hi loves!
What's your pick when choosing between looking cute or classy?
For me, I like the best of both worlds and what better place to shop for both and more than at Cute Little Strawberries!

Having sponsored this blog for so long, Cute Little Strawberries is still my favorite blogshop to head to whenever I need an accessory for an event or even to spice up my day to day outfit. From accessories that adds cuteness, glamour or just makes your whole outfit so much more interesting, what's not to love about Cute Little Strawberries?

Now aren't you excited to know what goodies CLS sponsored me this time round?

The package of love came in a hot pink polymailer and is a little bulky. Did you know that Cute Little Strawberries pack all your orders in plastic containers so as to prevent breakage via transit? That's even more breakage-proof than wrapping your accessories in bubble wrap!

Upon opening the container, you will receive a printed invoice detailing the items that you have ordered. In full color. I know some of you don't have a problem remembering what you've ordered, but I do. Because I do a lot of online shopping everyday, I tend to have a very short memory span. So, the printed invoice really does help a lot!

So without further ado, here's what I've gotten!
Three necklaces, two bracelets and a pair of cute earrings 

An extremely classy black and gold necklace that has since made it to one of my favorite piece among the tons of necklaces that I have!

Close up details! This necklace features pretty gold and black triangles and it matches almost every outfit in my wardrobe! Because it has golden details, this goes really well with the monotone colored outfits (black and white) and I love how it instantly makes my whole get up a tad more expensive.

It even goes well with navy colored tops! I don't find anything to hate about this necklace. It is sturdy and so far, hasn't discolored. I have wore this necklace for about 3 times already and they still look brand new.

Another new favorite - black classy triangle!

Note how the centre of each triangle is 3D and pops up, which really makes the whole necklace looks so elegant!

Got feel not! The necklace goes well with a more edgy style and I pair this with an oversized black skull top. On top of that, I have tried pairing it with my more basic outfit (normal black tee) and it really complements the outfit and adds class to it.

Fancy something cute and colorful? Why not this!

This colorful neon pink heart peace necklace is colorful, youthful and cute! Totally different from the other two necklaces I gotten. 

This heart peace necklace is a long necklace and goes well with a plain outfit to add colors to it. If you are daring enough, you can even try a tribal cropped top with this cutey to add to your "boomz" factor!

Vintage looking golden Love bracelet!

A very cute piece and when I first saw it on Cute Little Strawberries, I knew that I wanted to get it!

How I paired this! This really goes well and looks simple yet elegant. It is sturdy and the color doesn't tarnish with wear. But don't try your luck and get water on it!

The cutest black and gold ribbon bracelet you can ever have! Saw it and fell in love with it!

Close up of the bracelet!

I set this photo in black and white because it looks much more Tumblr-ish. What do you guys thimk?
The ribbon charm is a little big but not gawdy. In fact, I think it fits pretty well with my chubby wrists. As with the previous bracelet, this is also sturdy and doesn't tarnish with wear.

The cutest white bunny earrings that you could ever have and want in your wardrobe!

Side view of the earrings :D

How they look when worn. It looks like a cute little bunny stuck in a rabbit hole (earlobes)! I have a unicorn one from previous batches but I think that the bunny one is so much cuter! This is available in many different colors and the price listed on the website is for one side, so do remember to x2 to the quantity if you want to make it a pair!

Love Cute Little Strawberries, well they love you too and here's another good reason to start shopping with them if you haven't done so!

For the month of April, quote SPCLS10 to enjoy 10% off orders below $50 and SPCLS15 to enjoy 15% off orders above $50! Did I mention that prices are inclusive of normal postage and there is free registered postage for orders above $50?

Also, earn strawberry points with every order you place which can be converted to cash rebates on orders! Check out their website for more information and start shopping with them now!

Besides accessories, Cute Little Strawberries is expanding their catalog to include collars and pullovers,  bags and the newly added category, bottoms!

Here are my favorite picks from the catalog~

Galaxy skater skirts that are so friggin chio! They have a wide array of different cosmic prints for you to choose from~

What about crosses skater skirts? Looks really pretty and Tumblr-ish.

So don't wait and check out Cute Little Strawberries now! And don't hesitate to shop with them in the month of April. Everyone loves discounts! Join them on their Facebook page to receive first hand updates on discount, sales and events!

I hope you guys like this post because I had a really fun time editing and taking photos for this post.
I'm on a roll with so many blog posts jam packed into a week and I truly apologize about having advertorials lined back to back but they were all pending (I'm such a lazy sloth!). I promise I will be posting more about my personal life and more makeup/product review from tomorrow onwards!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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