Tuesday, 23 April 2013

#243; AMUSE-ing

I smell like lavender. I like lavender. 
Alright, I will be back with weekly post where I muse about different things happening in my life. Amanda's musings = AMUSE-ing. Geddit? *please cue laughter*

I'm back for the new school term and being painfully mainstream, I shall attempt to recollect the past week in this blog post. Lets see...
Ngee Ann Poly has this policy where the first week of school is strictly for lecture and there will be no tutorials. I'm not entirely sure about other polys because I don't have friends from other poly... (Talk about a social life)
But if you do know, leave me a comment below, so I won't appear that ignorant!

Day 1 (Monday) - Glorious Mondays are now my favorite days. Partly due to the fact that I can sleep in as much as I want and mostly because I don't have school on this day! *scream and run around* 

Day 2 (Tuesday) - First day of school and I have two hours of lecture. Lecture was quite boring (in the way that all lessons are), and I was sleepy. Took a long nap after school.

Day 3 (Wednesday) - It was raining super heavily, I can't even..... Mumsy drove me to school. Lecture was nice because the teacher is friendly. There was supposedly a two hour lecture from 3-5pm, but I headed home, took a nap and decided that skipping one lecture wouldn't hurt. 

Day 4 (Thursday) - No lectures! So I headed out with Chubby Cheeks to town. We went to get smoothies from Smoothie King. I had Mango festival (super nice plzz) and then went to submit time sheet. Did some light window shopping before heading for a movie. We watched Oblivion and hence, my girl crush for Tom Cruise is born. After the movie, we walked around and Chubby Cheeks got a new black pullover.

Day 5 (Friday) - 4 hours lecture today, but it was okay because it is a Friday! Lecture ended an hour early. I iz glad! had a nap after school again.

I feel like a cat now. *meowzie*


I started adapting a more healthy lifestyle which involves running. So yea, I have been going to the gym and I lose about a kg in the gym running my ass off. However, the next day, I mysterious gain back more than I have lost?!?!


I mean, I don't even eat that much for dinner! Since I was skeptical about the mysterious gain in weight, I ate five broccoli and a tiny piece of salmon for dinner. No carbs. And then I weigh myself in the morning and *BAM* I'm fat again.

So I'm not sure if it's just hidden fats showing off their potential by affecting my weight, or its just muscle mass. Scientifically, muscles are heavier than fats... So...

Also, the weather these past few days are a killer. I have been glugging water like an alcohol-starved alcoholic and heading to the toilet so darn often for the tiny business. Can't even go one day without a hair wash. What is happening?!

On a last random side note, my next post will be a haul post because I was looking through my iPhone notes (I keep all my stuff there and keep track of what I have received/bought and what I have to buy/waiting to receive), and I found that I had a heck load of hauls this month. 

Oh, also, I have gotten off my virtual lazy backside and gotten around to finally replacing the twitter/formspring/instagram-widget-that-doesn't-work to a large Twitter and Ask.Fm widget, so you know what to do! Ask me a question or follow me on Twitter!

That's all for now and I hope you enjoy this week random post of AMUSE-ing, I will be back next Monday with another installment. 

Love xoxo,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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