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#242; Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish - Strawberry Sherbet

Back with a new product review. I was bored and I found a whole bunch of products that I have yet to review on my blog. And since I have cleared most of my advertorials, I have decided to do a product review! So do enjoy each weekly product review, I will also create a tab listing all the product reviews I have done so you may check there and request for a particular brand/product to be reviewed if you don't see it there 

Today's review will be on the Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish in Strawberry Sherbet! I hauled this in March's Haul Post and I thought it will be a good starter for Amanda's Weekly Product Reviews!

I actually hauled two Ice Cream Nail Polish in shades Strawberry Sherbet and Mint Chocolate from Qoo10 for about $9+ for both! There are 4 shades in total from this range and I chose these two because they look the cutest plus they are colors I would use!

The packaging looks like a single scoop of ice cream on a cone and notice how the "cone" part even has criss cross patterns like the real thing! Super love how cute the packaging is. Don't you love it too? I opened the Strawberry Sherbet first because I was much more reluctant to open the mint green one. I has a soft spot for mint green nowadays....

This is my model nail for the day! I is kidding. I actually bought like a thousand transparent fake nails in different sizes from Qoo10 too. Bought it because I wanted to practice my nail art skills and also to demonstrate nail tutorials on it, but I have horrible technique. I won't give up though, I will practice till I am able to do a proper nail tutorial every month on this space!

This is the model nail when I did a first coat of Strawberry Sherbet on it! Pretty isn't it? The color of the nail polish (pink) is already pretty visible with the first coat of varnish though some parts were pretty translucent, which means the color isn't that opaque.

Since I didn't want to waste my precious varnish, I decided to paint Strawberry Sherbet on my nails instead of on the transparent fake nails.

I used a random base coat to make the nail polish last longer on my nails and as you can see from my index finger that the nail bed is rather rough. That is because I picked the Gellish manicure from my nails :x Bad example, I know, but I couldn't help it!

The first coat on my nails went on smoothly and the color is so sheer that it looks as if there are no pink nail polish on it. Just glitter bits. In fact, it went on my natural nails, much more sheerer than it did on the transparent fake nails.

A close up of my nails with the first coat. I like how the glitter bits are so spaced out and even on the whole of my nails. Most nail polishes that has glitter bits in them, tend to clump together else, it would take a load of time to make your nails look evenly "glitter-fied". With Etude House Ice Cream nail polish in Strawberry Sherbet, there is no problem with the glitter bits in it.

Second coat of nail polish didn't go on all that smoothly because of my uneven nail bed. *grumbles* The first coat of nail polish dries fast enough which is expected since the first coat is so sheer. The second coat of Strawberry sherbet helps to reinforce the color of the nails! And I love how pretty it is. There are even more glitter bits in each nails. Notice how there are different colored glitter on my nails (a mixture of pink/blue and shiny white).

Index and middle fingers look so clumpy :<
However, the fourth finger and the pinky looks even. I used a top coat after the second coat. Now under the harsh lighting, notice how the tip of the fourth finger is slightly translucent? Like you could see the white tip of my natural nail. This goes to show that the Strawberry Sherbet is pretty sheer and if you want to have an opaque shade of pink, you would have to use three coats of nail polish.

Overall, Etude House Ice Cream nail polish in Strawberry Sherbet:
Verdict: 5.5/10
Advantage: Pretty and cute packaging and has really good and evenly spaced glitter bits. The color is also really pretty. The overall effect of the nail polish on your natural nail bed is a sweet color with pretty glitter like graffiti splatters.
Disadvantage: Too sheer! For an opaque color, you will need more than three coats!

I wouldn't really buy this again because I think there are better glitter nail polishes from other brands such as OPI, however, this is really cute! If you want to purchase them, you may do so from Qoo10 or Etude house. I am not sure of the exact retail price of this cutie though!

I hope you enjoy the first of my weekly product review and I will be back next week with a new product so do stay tuned! If there are any product that you may like me to review, you may email, PM me thru my Facebook page or drop me a Formspring question or simply, comment below! :D

Love and Kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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