Tuesday, 30 April 2013

#244; Showing off my loots!

I'm running out of witty catch phrases for haul post and I fear that I may soon be sticking to boring titles like "hauls for April". Sorry, not sorry :/

Alright, like I said in my previous post which was really a while back, I will be doing a haul post and here it is. I actually have more than what is put up here but the items are either too bulky/forgotten to post them up/forgotten where in the room I put it. My room is a pigsty and yes, I like to call it a storeroom. 

Shall we start?

First up, I'm pretty proud of this! DHC New Slim Diet supplement pills :) I'm still on the course and because I have generally poor health, I tend to eat lesser than the recommended daily dosage (4pills per day), but once I'm done with the whole packet, I shall do a review on it! You can get this at Watsons for less than $50. 

I was randomly shopping on Qoo10 and I found a seller from Korea who sold tons of mask from three different brands! So I gotten the Leaders and Baroness brand. Btw, you can get Leaders mask from Watsons for around $4. But I gotten it at $2 online. Hehehe! I iz happy. 
Also, PLEASE do not buy from anywhere else okay? I actually saw an Instagram shop selling one piece of mask for $10. ONE PIECE FOR $10?! DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.

Pretty ballerina wedges from a shop in Far East Plaza basement level. Got this for about $25 if I remembered correctly and I loved this design the most! They have normal wedges and criss cross ballerina wedges too.

Just a random outfit coordinate that I made but look how wonderful the shoes are!
How can you not love them?

Ordered two studded headband because I gotten greedy. Actually, no la! I first ordered the golden spiked one but the material was pretty flimsy and I didn't like how thin the band was cause it makes my hair look damn puffy. So I gotten the black x silver studded headband to make myself look chio-er. I am bad ass like that.

Sorry for the blurred photo, I don't know what's wrong with my camera at that point of time. Thinking that it's the low battery.

Won a Milk Tea Beige lipgloss from Candy Doll Singapore because of their competition! I am happy :3
I can't wait to try this and I actually adore their lip glosses because the colors are super pigmented and obvious, even without lipstick!

NYX 10 color Eyeshadow Palette from The Runway Collection. The palette name is Cat Walk in 04 and there are actually a lot of other palettes in this collection to choose from, but this caught my eye because of all the neutral shades of eye shadow. I will do a product review on this pretty soon! So far, I'm loving this. 

The color combination. Love this because the shades are very workable and natural. Also, the glitters are fine but not overly dramatic! Can't wait to do a review for this as it has become one of my favorite item among my stash.

Nail stuff from Daiso! So yea, I spend $2 on this and I bought this from the Plaza Singapura outlet, although this can be found in your nearby Daiso. I actually bought the purple one and I loved the fine glitter tub because I can use it for almost all the nail art that I have done. 

I decided to get this because the blue glitter hit a soft spot! Not to mention the Tiffany blue heart shapes are so adorable! Check out these the next time you are over at Daiso. I feel it is more value for money than the ones sold online. The most expensive tub of glitter and hearts I have seen was about $8-10, just because it was imported from Japan. This also from Japan but $2 only! So you save a lot la!

Being the overly attached girlfriend I was, I gotten this customized necklace for myself. Yes, I am Jovin's. LOL. Actually this was pretty worth it. I only paid $30 for this which was really pretty affordable for a 925 silver necklace. I would gladly put down the link to the shop where I gotten it customized but unfortunately, they have stopped all their name necklace preorder. 

Oh and a side note, I'm getting married to Chubby Cheeks and this is my engagement ring. After being through ups and down, we have decided that we belong to one another and have decided to bring our relationship, one step ahead...
Here's to us. 

.... Nah, I was just joking. Just a random diamond ring I have bought for myself because I love diamonds! LOL, but seriously, we won't get married that soon because we have greater plans ahead!

Another ring I bought for myself. This is really pretty and the picture really does no justice for this. It's a thin silver band with a row of sparkling mini diamonds that glint in the light. Mad love this.

Bought this for $4 from Jemolian's store on Facebook! He sells a lot of Rilakkuma merchandise and collectible and I was debating if I should get this. I finally caved in...I am such a weakling...

A pretty pastel pink casing that I gotten for $4 from an online shop. I wouldn't list down her Facebook shop link because the seller is pretty unreliable even though I used to buy from her with no problems whatsoever. I waited 6 days for this...even though it was an instock.

I.Fairy Ash brown lenses from Fairyism Love! Seller is such a sweet and reliable person and I actually ask a lot of questions before placing my orders but she answered them patiently! Plus she pack my items really fast~ Got Chubby Cheeks to meet up with her as I got him a pair too (that vain pot). Do support her as she sells a lot of other lenses! I'm joining her next I.Fairy preorder after my pay is in!

I bought the I.Fairy Ash brown once and didn't get to do a review on it, so I will be certain to post it up in this space in the near future!

Got this pretty pink rose and twine headband from Le Aribella on Facebook! Forgotten how much it costed me, but I bought a tribal crop top (next up) and this for $14.50 mailed! The item was received in good condition PLUS she gave me a pair of free rose earrings because the shipment was slightly delayed! Will definitely support her shop again! Such a sweetheart <3

I actually took a few camho shots with this but I look ugly because I haz puffy eyes from nap. So yea.

Put together this outfit with the Tribal Crop top that I ordered from Le Aribella. It is tagged with a Forever21 tag but I'm not sure if it's authentic. Oh! Also, belt is from Daiso, $2 only! Super cheap and good quality wtf. Navy pants from Uniqlo for $19.90 cause got sales now! Go see! And studded bag from Qoo10 for $18.90! Love the bag lor! So versatile one!

Ugly Boss tank top from Ladrelis Taobao on Facebook. It's $19 which was pretty expensive for a tank top but the quality is superb! It isn't cheap or flimsy but made of a very stretchable material plus the cutting is super flattering. Seller is nice! Help me to source for different designs of tank tops/tees even though it was 3am. LOL. 

Grainy photo! Here's how the tank top looks on me, I used my phone's front camera :/

Alright, that's all my loots for now and I hope to be able to update this space pretty soon so do check back! Product review for this week as well as AMUSE-ing part 2 will be up as soon as I'm done with other pending obligations!

Much love and until then,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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