Sunday, 5 May 2013

#245; WCWT - Singapore Discovery Centre

This is such an overdued post.
Me and Chubby Cheeks has this thing where we try to go to different parts of Singapore at least once a month and, last month, we decided to head to the Singapore Discovery Centre. I always thought that it was the Science centre (the one at Jurong East). Guess that's just because they have misleading names :/

Anyway, the reason I decided to head there for this installment of Where Chubbies When Today (WCWT) is because I received a brochure in my postbox and there was a promotion (Buy 1 Get 1 Free tickets). So like the typical Singaporean, we decided to pay the SDC a visit :3

When we reached there it was close to 2:30 PM and a show (Air Flyers, boring documentary) was almost starting. We grabbed some lunch and then headed off to the theater. Did I mention that the day's weather was scorching hot? :/ After the show, we walked around the exhibit in SDC while waiting for the other show/movie to start - G.I Joe. Yes, they do air the latest shows in SDC! In 3D somemore~

Chubby Cheek looking funny and cute! LOLOL! Kilat lah sial. They have all this really cute uniquely Singaporean signboards that you can take photos with and le Chubby chose this, while I....

Wah! I iz this. I was having my holidays and look round as hell because I was bingeing on food and just lying around on my lazy ass.... Sigh pie.

We continued walking and there was this short film with a Merlion (Singapore's iconic mystical creature) singing and dancing. We didn't sit down to catch it because the waiting time was really long :/ Plus, because we went on a weekday, there weren't many people at all.

We finally got to this area where there is this really huge "ball" in the middle of the room, that changes color every few seconds! I really like pink so I guess I was lucky to manage to capture this shot! There were boards that were dotted around the whole of SDC which gives little tidbits of information about Singapore. There were also many interactive games that was quite interesting to play! Me and Chubby Cheeks tried our hands on a few.

Isn't this cute? Haha! This letters supposedly form words but I find the little circles so adorable :3
Can you form any words? :p

Chubby Cheeks tried his hand on this game! But he gave up halfway when he couldn't get the right answers. And I was distracted and left him alone to puzzle it out, while I looked around. I saw this cute little glass box that is supposedly a "newsroom", for you to report a breaking news. 

Our news "crew". LOL. I forced Chubby Cheeks to go for the first round and here he is trying to look "presentable" as a newscaster.

Chubby looking chubby. Hahaha! 
He did a fairly good job although he was derping around for a while.

A cube thing which you can play some sort of games. Super cool and modern looking. Me and Chubby played it together but we didn't get a very good score :/ 

There were so many mirrors around, so the two Chubbies decided to take photos! Pretty little awkward shot of us! :3 I still think we look adorable together!

Since we were on the second floor, we decided to head down to the first level. Saw this really huge message on the walls and thought would look arty to take the photo from another perspective. When we got to the first floor there were lots of kids having their fieldtrip. Some of them were really rude, crowding all over the place and trying to chase you out from seats, just so they can play the games that are around the place. Being the understanding adults we were, we decided to just give in la. Haha!

Since there wasn't much to do, plus there was still about two hours before the show started, Chubby and I walked around. Sat around and talk a lot. 

We also managed to catch George the Robot talking. Which is really quite creepy.

NOTE OF ADVICE: If you are just catching the show there, just buy the tickets and leave for some other place! There really isn't much to do there unless you want to wait around :/

Anyway, here it is! This month's WCWT! Tell me if this interest you and I hope to go to more interesting places with the chubby cheeks soon~ But just in case, we are open to suggestion to go anywhere in Singapore! Leave a comment below and we might just head to a place of YOUR recommendation! 

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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