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#246; Candy Rush - Vista 3 tone Brown Review

Hello! :D
Remember the advertorial that I have done with Candy Rush? If not, you can view it here!
The owner of Candy Rush have kindly sponsored me two pairs of lenses for review. However, I have only received a pair cause the other one was in the wrong degrees. Anyway, here is a review for you guys! :D

Today, I will be reviewing the Candylicious Vista 3 tone Brown. The vials are a normal glass size with a pretty purple gradient label that looks elegant. 

The labels even had this black Victorian looking lace chandelier. Here are the information of the lenses on the label:
Candylicious Vista 3 tone Brown
Manufacturing date: 1 August 2012
Expired Date: 30 July 2017
Contents: 52% Polyhema, 48% Water
Made in Korea

Quickly opened them up and place them in my Hello Kitty casing! Bought this from Daiso. 
Candy Rush doesn't provide free casing as the rates for a pair of Candylicious lens is really the lowest possible. One pair of lens casing is $1.50 though and the design is real cute :3

The pretty Vista 3 tone brown in their lens casing. It is a 16.0mm lens. It has a striking black ring to give enlargement and looks pretty natural and blendable.

Close up of the lenses. There really is three tone - Black, champagne brown and a orangey brown :) 
Super pretteh!
Let's head straight to the review

This are the lenses under normal room lighting. They are a pretty yet natural shade of brown. In fact, it kind of remind me of the same shade of brown as Puffy 3 tone brown. The design on the lenses are also quite obvious yet not strikingly so, which makes it a good pair of lenses to wear to a more formal occasion, or to school.

Under harsh lighting, the lenses are a vibrant shade of brown that looks really really natural except for the black ring around the lenses. The brown blends into your eyes really well and I really like how it looks on me. 

My puny Asian eyes vs the Vista 3 tone Brown. Yes, the enlargement is really very visible due to its size and partly due to the black ring around the lenses. 

Comfort wise, this pair of lenses are much more wearable than the other Candylicious I have bought from another seller. However, this tends to dry my eyes quite easily. After wearing it for 5 hours, my eyes are really dry and gets a little painful, so remember to bring along an eye drop!

Me with my awkward smile. Look at how pretty and natural looking the lenses are on me!
Other than that, the enlargement, color and design of the lenses are really a plus factor. Overall, I would rate this lenses a 7/10!

If you love this lenses and would like to get it, you can head to Candy Rush on Facebook and preorder your lenses from them!
The lenses are $7.50/pair and waiting time is about a week after preorder closes! In fact, waiting time is really really quite fast~
Cheap lenses, fast waiting time and reliable seller. Candy Rush is the place to get your Candylicious lenses from! :D

Ending off with this derpy photo of me :D
I hope you enjoy this review and advert and I will be back soon with more blog posts!
Don't forget to support Candy Rush preorder okeh? <3

♥ Candy Rush 
♥ Candy Rush 
♥ Candy Rush 

Much Love and Kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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