Friday, 17 May 2013

#248; Daiso Mixed Ramune Candy Review ♥

I realized that I haven't been updating a candy review for awhile! So here's one to sweeten up your Fridays!
If you have ever entered Daiso, you would always be mesmerized by the wide collection of candies that they have to offer. From hard candies to gummies and even chocolates, all in their pretty and cute packaging! And since this girl here absolutely adore candies, I couldn't resist but to get myself a pack when I was out shopping with Chubby Cheeks~

I remember I was growing out my wisdom tooth when I decided to get candies from Daiso. I was desperate to get something sweet for when classes gets too boring and yet I didn't want candies that could potentially cause much pain for my poor tooth/gum. Gotten this pack of candies instead~

Introducing the Mixed Ramune Candy! Ramune is like a kind of soda in Japan. And this is the packet of candy after about a month or so? I have this extremely bad habit of being unable to finish a pack of candies, so yea...

The assorted Ramune candies came in standard candy wrap packaging and there were a mixed of this "rare" packaging. I labelled them accordingly to the flavor they represent, but its a little "duh" because the fruits printed on the wrapper is representative of the flavors. The top one depicts a little sour lemon! However, if you look on the packaging above, there are three flavors: strawberry, orange and pineapple! So, I'm not sure if they mixed up Mr.Lemon for Mr.Pineapple or if it was supposed to be lemon-ed flavored but taste like pineapple.

The standard candy wrap packaging! These candies are so darn cute. I will be trying all three flavors and give my honest opinion about them!

The candies are rounded and a little flakey. The texture is a little smooth and the first impression that you would have of this candy, is that it is a hard candy. However, upon putting it into your mouth, you would be in for a surprise! These candies melt in your mouth! Great for my poor swollen gums~

Trying out the lemon/pineapple flavored one! It actually taste more like pineapple than lemon! It taste a little sour but bearably so. The first impression that I have of this was that it taste a little like jelly. As stated above, the candy melts in your mouth. In fact, it kind of fizzes a little like soda candy and there is a warm feeling on my tongue (probably from the fizzing).

The strawberry one, like all the other ramune candies, fizzes and melts almost immediately in your mouth. However, I can't really taste the strawberry in it. Perhaps, just a hint of strawberry in the midst of all the fizzing.

Orange Ramune candy! Out of all the flavors in the Mixed Ramune candy, this probably has the most distinctive taste. It is strongly orange and I really like this quite a lot :) All the candies come in their respective "fruit color", orange has a pastel orange color, strawberry is a light pastel pink and lemon is a soft pastel yellow. All these colors make me so happy! I ♥ Pastels~

Alright, here concludes this candy review and I hope you enjoy it! Why not try this out, the next time you are at Daiso! After all, it only cost $2 for a big packet of assorted Ramune candies.

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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