Tuesday, 21 May 2013

#249; Something new from CLS ♥

As usual, a little package of love arrives at my doorstep every month from my favorite sponsors of all time, Cute Little Strawberries!
This actually reached me for about a week or so but I was too busy with my individual proposal and projects and thus have been delaying this advert... I iz sorry D;
Anyway, please continue to read through this post because there will be a little giveaway! Details below!

Cutting to the chase, I really love how thoughtful and sweet the owner of Cute Little Strawberries is. I ordered 9 different accessories however, 3 of them were out of stock. So she gave me so many pairs of pretty and cute earrings to add to my collection! (Remember how I said I didn't have as many earrings as necklaces or bracelets? Yeap, now I have a lot!)

So, this is what I have gotten from CLS in this round of spree! Many many pairs of adorable earrings that you will want for yourselves! I really am spoilt for choice now~ Items that are not pictured here is the black ribbon bow bracelet that I accidentally reordered and thus, gifted it to my sister who absolutely adores it! Also, a dandelion rabbit tattoo which I have used almost immediately, upon receiving my new loots from Cute Little Strawberries! :D

First up, a very punk x rock faux leather bracelet that is really so different from my style! I'm actually trying to experiment with different street style and find something suitable for me. Even though, I still think I am better off being my cutesy, pastel-lover self... What do you think?

This arm candy is very unique because you have to "buckle" it on! And I absolutely adore the round studs. Since this arm candy is very chunky on its own, I scrap my fav Casio watch and only wore this out for the day!

Outfit of the day! Ugly Boss tank top from online, shorts from Billabong, Bracelet from Cute Little Strawberries and studded bag from Qoo10! I feel so darn cool that day. LOL WTF.

A myriad of different pretty earrings that I absolutely adore! :D I mean, I love each and everyone of them because they are unique and so darn cute and some are even so classy~ Spot something you like? Well, I will be giving away two of  them little cuties! Details are below, so read on!

I absolutely adore this pair of UK flag earrings! At first I thought they were a bit too over the top but after I put them on, I realized they are so cute and versatile with almost every casual wear! I will definitely be wearing this out more!

Here's how they look on my ears! So darn cute right? I like how detailed this little thing is. And the quality is really sturdy too. 

Black rose earrings :) I like how there's a little tiny jewel on one side. Okay, maybe you can't see the details on the roses well enough but here's the red one!

Got pretty a not? I love how pretty is it lor!

How it looks on my ear~ At first, I thought that rose earrings might be a little too gaudy, but these are small yet elegant and classy enough to pull off with every outfit. I have worn this twice and I'm still loving them! How can you not fall in love with them too?

Gold x Mint green triangle earrings!

These are so classy! Mainly because there it is gold with a tinge of my favorite mint green color. I like how you can just put these on to add a touch of elegance to your work outfit or wear them for a more formal event. 

When I first gotten these, my first thoughts were "oooohhhhh... Sparkly". This shiny star is really very shiny! :D 

I haven't had the chance to wear this out with any of my outfits because I have been cooped up at home like a cavewoman. Except for the days that I have school la.... So this is my first time wearing this cutie pie! Mad adore this and I can't wait to pair this with my new white lace dress!

Rawr! I'm ferocious! 

Naw, I'm actually tiny.... 
This is so damn cool! I super love how ancient-looking/cool this is! 
Imagine wearing this out!
I can haz a dragon on my ear now! I have been so obsessed with pretty ear cuffs nowadays because they are easy to take off and put on and they are outrageous enough to draw attention. Like this dragon here! What do you think of it?

Love skull necklace! 

A very delicate piece! Even though it's a skull, it looks delicate and elegant enough! This is an inspired make-a-wish necklace and the actual ones cost so darn much (SGD$50-70, not inclusive of shipping from the US). Why not land your hands on one of these at Cute Little Strawberries for only $4?!

Cutesy tattoo which I don't plan on using yet because it is too cute! I especially adore the heart, diamond and thunder bolt shape. I think the thunder bolt shape resembles pikachu's tail. LOL. PIKAPIKA.

Skull, bones and diamonds too!
This ring is adjustable and fits all sizes! So I don't have to worry about my chubby fingers being unable to get in~

Got the "sha qi" feeling not? I think this is really pretty and goes well with the chunky leather bracelet! Makes one set together, then I can wear it all out and act like a thug and terrorize small kids on the bus. LOLWTF. I iz kidding. Really. 

Close up of it! You have to admit that it is pretty cute :x For a scary skull la. 

Alright! The part of the post that you have been waiting for!
I will be giving away the red rose earrings (I love this, I really do!), elegant gold x pink triangle earrings and the angel wings necklace (I have this already).

All you have to do is:
2) Share the photo above and leave a comment "I want this from www.cutelittlestrawberries.com!"
3) Make sure your shared post is visible to all!

You can repeat step 2 to increase your chances of winning! This giveaway will end on 28 May 2013, 1159PM and I will choose 3 winners to win! Prizes will be randomly mailed to these 3~
Try your luck out okeh? 

P.S; No photo of my face for this post, because I have such bloated face...Not sure it's because of the weather or I am just getting real chubby....

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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