Sunday, 2 June 2013

#251; Product Review - Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

Back with one of my weekly product review! Haven't been blogging diligently because of the common test and I am behind on so many blog posts and advert... I iz sorry.

Now, today's review is on the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown! Since I have the Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner in Brown and am amazed at how great it is, I decided to get this. I tried out the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black once and it was okay for me. Not the best liquid eyeliner out in the market but enough for me to work with. 

The packaging is for the "Otona" series and this was released as a "limited edition" item. Which was actually what really tempted me to lay my hands on it. The packaging is mature and not as cutesy as the older Dolly Wink series and although it is a tad simpler than usual, I adore it nonetheless.

Closer look at the packaging. They emphasize on how thin the tip is :)

There are beige daisies on a pastel blue background which really complements the whole outtake to be a more "matured" series. And I love how this stands out among all my other make up products!

The tip is a really thin brush type of eyeliner pen and I like how I can drop thick and thin lines because of the shape of the brush. 

I didn't do any touch up for the next few picture except resizing it to take up less space on my site. This is to make sure that the color you see on screen is the most accurate representation of the color in real life! So, I used the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown to write this. Thin and thick lines! It really does feels like a pen brush. 

I drew some lines on my hands to see how the color would payoff. They are labelled according to how many times I go over the lines again. The third and fifth time I went through it, the shades were almost the same. Which means that going over your eyeliner for three strokes will ensure that you have a consistent dark brown color. The first one was a disappointment as it seems a little watery and runny and I wouldn't recommend you go over your eyeline with just one stroke (unless you are using primer and eyeshadow).

Firstly, the smudge test! I waited for the three lines to dry before I tried to smudge the first one! It came off easily and I was quite disappointed with the results. Didn't try to smudge the other two because they already seem smudge-able to me... :<

Next, I dab a little water on the remaining lines and while the second line was wet, I tried rubbing it off. Lol, no trace of the second line anymore..... Conclusion of this: Fail! Even though the product claims to be waterproof :/ 

Now I made sure the third line was dry before trying to smudge it and most of the product came off.. 
Conclusion: Another Fail... 

This is how the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown looks like on my eye. I used a total of 5 strokes to get the product to show up with this intensity and color. Not bad isn't it? :>

However, the eyeliner tends to fade and smudge within 3 hours because I didn't use primer or even eyeshadow. But really, the staying power of this is...really below average. Plus, the weather in Singapore is a definite killer for this eyeliner.. :/

In conclusion, 
Staying power, color payoff and waterproof ability of this eyeliner is really so-so. I wouldn't repurchase it again as it was a so-so product for me. I really like the packaging though, so I guess it will do. Definitely won't recommend this for people who have oily eyelids or even anyone, staying in this hot and humid weather! :<

Do I hate all other Dolly Wink Products?
- Hell no! I still love them and although their range of eyeliner is only average in quality, I would definitely repurchase the pencil eyeliner and the Dolly Wink lashes! Really want to retry the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black! Maybe soon? 

I'm using the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in brown here. Natural looking?~

I hope you enjoy this review and I will be back with more real soon!
In the mean time, do look through my other posts? 

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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